Month: July 2016

Five CBT & Autism Q and A’s

What is CBT? Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Autism has been widely researched over the last 30 years seeing such courses which claim to practically cure young people of Autism. Of course CBT alone does not. There is no cure for Autism. However, with careful intervention of a number of alternative therapies, diet and lifestyle, there can always be a significant …

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Good mental health parenting Autism

I received a very interesting idea from a reader this morning who wanted some guidance on mental health for parents and carers of Autism.  For something which is not often talked about, I was very very keen to get my thoughts and ideas down on the old electronic paper. So let’s think about this concept for today’s blog post. How …

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How to get financial help living with Autism

The cost of bringing up a child with Autism can affect parents, carers and families emotionally. Not only do you need time to digest the diagnosis, but there are the endless calls and emails getting the right support, meetings with schools and so on. What fails to come to mind is the financial cost. In 2014, paediatric study in the …

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