About Michelle

Business Owner turned Editor of the UK’s first digital online vintage fashion magazine. Michelle Hatcher has been causing heads to turn for the last 10 years.

Starting out in her first business in digital publishing, she became Editor in Chief to the first and only digital Vintage Fashion magazine and held everyone else off the top spot for the slot for almost 3 years. It was also through this leading project that she started the TVG Newsletter which became the hub throughout the UK and the States as the monthly vintage scene publication must have. In the first 2 years, this publication racked up around 65,000 readers a month to her fast growing list.

She became ‘vintage royalty’ appearing frequently at the National Vintage Awards covering the U.K event for the rising fashion magazine.

She was listed by GQ Magazine as one of the TOP 100 writers to watch in 2016 and as up and coming business coaches in 2017.

She is the founder of The Mentoring Hub – an exclusive online community where she personally coaches and mentors thousands of parents facing Autism each year.  It is the first of its kind for the Parent Coaching industry. It has also made her, her first £1 Million project in less than a year since its launch.

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Michelle is the founder of the media company, TVG Productions which oversaw the Vintage Eye Magazine plus the Autism Home Therapy Channel on YouTube. Her channel, Michelle Hatcher Life Coaching boasted around 5,000 subscribers in it’s first 6 months.

the asperger's guide to living hereShe is the author of a number of popular self-help books. She has promoted thousands of start-up businesses across Europe and the U.S through her own marketing agency.

She is a public speaker on Email Marketing and the Psychology of E-commerce. She guest speaks regularly on Radio and has appeared on Milton Keynes Radio and Corinium Radio in Gloucester. She is appearing on stage again at the Technology For Marketing Expo at Olympia, London in September 2017.


Personal projects and charity work

Michelle has a personal interest in Child Care and Autism. Being the mother of an Autistic son, he was the drive behind her Diplomas in Psychology and PD Therapies as well as her #1 Best Seller on Amazon, How To Turn Your Child’s Autism Around And Save how to get your child up to speed on communication skillsMoney.  She has written numerous books on alternative thinking, cause and effect theories and is the author of The Asperger’s Guide To Living Here; a highly popular book which has sold worldwide as far as India.

She frequently takes part in charity bicycle rides for Child Line and Save The Children and won the women’s 25 mile mountain bike race for Child Line in 2008 in West Sussex.

She currently works on the HOW TO NOW kits which have sold nationwide to parents of Autism. These kits have proven a huge success enabling parents to ‘fix’ traits such as food intolerances and sleep problems.


Michelle is an award winning marketing, PR and leadership consultant. She is has CoE Diplomas in Marketing, PR, Business Management and Accountancy, and is a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management and The Association of Integrative Psychology.

Michelle Hatcher is a fully certified Life Coach (Diploma) attained at the Centre of Excellence, Manchester, England 2016. She also holds a Diploma in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy for Business also attained at the Centre of Excellence.

She is a member of the Complimentary Medical Association, The International Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching and The International Alliance of Holistic Therapists.

She is also a member of The Institute of Leadership and Management through her business management leadership in Communications for the London 2012 Surrey Olympic Team.

She is a keen mountain biker and once won the 42km cross country race for ChildLine raising over £1000. She lives in Wiltshire with her family and three cats.

For business, Michelle specialises in the following:

Business Coaching, Leadership Coaching, Automated Digital Marketing and Business Psychology. 

If you would like to get in touch with Michelle to see how she can help you, then please email michelle@michellehatchermedia.com 

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