Rachel Egglestone-Evans: Why Self Confidence Has Shaped Her Success

Rachel Egglestone Evans - mind energy
Rachel at the 2015 National Vintage Awards. Photo: Michelle Hatcher

At tender 34, there are very few women in the world who can not only say they have successfully built their own publishing firm, had a long succession of leading publications behind them, have been short listed for Business Woman of the Year, and has overcome her own health and confidence concerns. Yet Rachel Egglestone Evans, editor in chief for Her Vintage Life magazine, has done all of those things, and much more besides.

She is, one of the reasons why I became an editor for my own magazine. She is also one of the reasons why I don’t give up and stay determined to see my dream though. I have had the privilege of attending events where she has been in the same room as me, but to me, she is a cut above the rest, and one of the most hard working people I know in the vintage industry. For me, she has also been an inspiration. Having health problems myself, she has been someone who I have been able to identify with, in a sense, and keep following my dreams, as she has in her own life.

In the June issue (Issue 55) this year of Her Vintage Life magazine, Rachel talks very openly in an interview about confidence. Not only does she talk frankly about her two massive open heart surgeries (since her childhood) but how she now continues to push her own boundaries each day and never lets anmind energy - how confidence can shape your successything get in her way.

Easier said than done for most of us, we all have a period where we can barely get out of bed, confidence can be that brittle making.

When I was diagnosed with M.E two years ago, there was several days when I thought there was really no point in getting out of bed. For me, building your self confidence again is a slow process and one you can only do yourself. Rachel, describes having a lack of self esteem is not so much the actual lack of having belief in yourself but overcoming the block that one has on it.

Don’t allow yourself to be held prisoner in your own mind – liberate yourself from your own inner fears. It might seem easier said than done especially if you are locked in your own prison, but remember, you hold the key.

vintage life magazineFor me, one of the biggest hurdles I found was physically realising that to be ‘locked down’ was not what I actually wanted. It is not me to sit around moping, especially in a darkened room refusing to get washed and dressed. For me, I have to be able to look at myself in the mirror. For me, my image to the outside world reflects back on to how I feel inside. Seeking out professional help is not always the road to happiness, not for some, like me. Finding closed off alleyways each time to reach out can often lead to a more darkened place. For me, I had to find that strength from within. No one else was going to help me do it.

Rachel has had that same battle, and interestingly she talks about the internet as being something she would love to hate!

It’s such a great tool. It gives us access to so much – too much one could argue. However, it also opens up a gate to love confidence hell – social media!

Now, I have to agree with her on this. As much as the web has given me a job, a career and a place sitting amongst my peers in my chosen industry, it has also fed my ability to sit outside the normal social arena. Where I was particularly confident with people before, I now find a challenge and will often seek out my own company rather than that of others. I do blame the internet for that. It has allowed us to sit away from the world in our own existence, and that can be a very negative situation for those who are more vintage life magazinevulnerable than most. Watching others post on their social media platforms how seemingly wonderful their lives are is hugely deceptive for the rest of us who are struggling with our own lives. We are of course, only seeing a snap shot of their lives. Even so, it can be disheartening if we feel somehow we are being left behind…

So what’s the answer? I will leave the response to Rachel, who continues to strive for a better understanding not only of herself as a person, but for the rest of us too….

One thing you can put into practice right now is to stop comparing your life to others’. Your personal happiness and achievement should be only rated by your own standards; what’s more, the majority of people only post their best bits, their edited lives, which they have no doubt compared to yours! Stop caring about what others are achieving and focus on you time on advancing your own goals and dreams, while everyone else is busy doing the same! We are all meant to shine!

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Original article can be found in Issue 55 (June 2015) Vintage Life Magazine