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Review:  BENDREAL – Reality Bending Secrets: 30-day program

Category: Self Help

Price: $37 (£36.59)

By who? David Orwell

Rating: 5 stars (if you follow the program as it is set out for 30 days)

Legit? Yep!

Secure site and payment page? Yep!

Money back guarantee? Yep! 60 days. 100% refund available


THERE IS NO SPOON: Reality Bending Mastery Program.

Change Your Life by Bending Your Reality



It was ‘that’ film about 18 year ago. I remember being vaguely interested in seeing it but I guessed it was going to be just another Keanu Reeves film so I didn’t get around to watching it until about a year ago. Then I watched all three in one hit. As you do…

The other two sucked a bit but I found myself fascinated with the first film. Then there came the pub discussions. Was is true? Where we living in an illusion? Was this not reality and only some sort of a ‘fixed bubble’ we perceive as being real? Was reality being hidden from us?

Well, you can imagine heated debates around a sticky bar table usually end up with someone cutting to the chase and getting up to get another round of drinks before we start talking about football.

But I found something, or at least, I found something that made me start to question reality.

The matrix IS REAL.

No, seriously, it is. Or at least, someone is claiming that it’s real (Oh no, not one of those again, I hear you moan.)

Well, I decided to put it to the test and here is my review on the hottest and perhaps most disturbing truth to hit our consciousness this year.


BENDREAL – Reality Bending Secrets

Confusion is the feeling we get when our brain is searching for an answer.


What’s it about?

It’s about that feeling you get when stuff you’re experiencing feels weird. This program is all about how YOU can bend your own reality to get what you really want in life. The car, the girl, the wealth.

Whatever it is, this program claims to help you unwrap the secrets of the universe that the billionaires don’t want you to find out.

You know when you pick up a good book and find out something about yourself you couldn’t never quite put your finger on? Why does such and such happen to me all the time? Well, this is one of those lessons.

You will, it says, have your first, real AHA! moment. This is one of those once in a lifetime programs that comes along and they think to yourself, damn! Why couldn’t have found this when I was in diapers?


What’s the theory behind this?

There are people keeping secrets from you. There are ‘powers’ that act against your best interests and keep you from achieving your dreams. You are about to discover what life is really all about and how much ‘these people’ have been keeping stuff from you. Your failings, it claims, are not your fault.

They are the results of circumstances that have always been beyond your control. This program reveals to you exactly WHY this has happened and what you can do about it right now. (Apart from handing over some cash.)


What will I get out of this, apart from being a few quid poorer?

Money, sex, relationships, the best friends you’ve ever had, the most money you will or can ever want. You name it, my friend, it shall be yours. Oh yes, it shall be yours. You even can bend spoons and do that ‘turning around slowly in mid-air during a kick boxing session.’ Goodness! I love being able to do that!



What’s the real story here then?

Everything is interpretation. Now, this ain’t news, in fact, we’ve been talking about this in NLP for at least the last 50 years, and probably even further back than that. Ok, so let’s break this down a bit:

Right now, at this present moment, there are around 9 million or so bits of information floating around you. There always are. Day or night. What your brain takes in is only 127 bits of information. That’s it. 127 bits. So, the logic goes like this, Jeremy Piven could be sitting next to you right now, on the bus, tube, sofa, where ever you are, and you wouldn’t even know it. Why? Because your brain is not PROGRAMMED to pick that certain piece of information up.

Sucks, doesn’t it?

Yes, that’s right. This week’s winning lottery numbers are currently staring you in the face. What do you mean you can’t see them? Oh, that’s a shame. I guess you don’t know ‘the secret that’s hiding from all mankind then.’ Ok, you’d better read on…

I am going to say a name to you.

Elon Musk.

Know him? You should. He owns everything online (almost, he owns PayPal) and is about the most successful and wealthiest man alive since Andrew Carnegie. So, what has Elon Musk got to do with mind bending reality.

Because he gets it.

He believes that we live in a virtual reality universe and he happily talks about it. To everyone! This incredible smart guy and perhaps the smartest guy on the planet, believes we live in a simulation. We see what we see because someone wants us to see ‘it’ and nothing else. Not even the strings.

Everything is an interpretation of what we see, feel, hear, taste and touch. What we believe to be reality, is, in fact. not.

Remember this dress? It did the rounds a year or so ago. Some of us saw the dress as white and gold and another saw it as blue and black. This is what the pictures look like next to each other:

In short, we saw this dress differently to other because of the way our brains where interpreting the colours. The light density was different for all of us who saw it so therefore, our brains, took the information that is already stored in the brain and read it as either gold and white or blue and black.

Depending on the light we were seeing it in and the way our brains were reading the colours in that light.


So, what’s this leading up to?

Mind bending reality. That’s it. In fact, walk yourself through the video and you’ll get to watch some pretty convincing testimonials! What you will learn in the course for 30 days is some simple exercises. That’s it. Only a few minutes a day set aside to do some thought processes and start bending your own reality.



Okay, how much?

$37. That’s all (£36.59 if you’re in the UK.) In fact, you can probably get the same course elsewhere for triple that.


Does it work?

Yes, but only if you keep to the set exercises and make sure you don’t take a day off! You need to be following the techniques everyday. If you skip a day, you will have to start again. Like anything worth changing in your life, it takes commitment and work on your part. Do that, and you will notice the change.

The other thing you need to do is GET SPECIFIC about what you want. Don’t just say ‘I want lots of money’ Say ‘I want $50,000 by such and such a date.’ Put these ideas into your mood board and in the secret exercises each day and it will come, but you mustn’t give up or it won’t work.

You don’t have to stay in that stale relationship, stay stuck, stay broke, you can change where you are and it won’t take you years to change it. You will start seeing results almost immediately.

Simple steps to follow plus a whole lot of other stuff like the importance of using a vision board (no one ever knows how to do this properly.)



Review:  BENDREAL – Reality Bending Secrets: 30-day program

Category: Self Help

Price: $37 (£36.59)

By who? David Orwell

Rating: 5 stars (if you follow the program as it is set out for 30 days)

Legit? Yep!

Secure site and payment page? Yep!

Money back guarantee? Yep! 60 days. 100% refund available


Have you tried this program or others similar? How did you get on? Let us know your comments in the box below!


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Michelle Hatcher is an award-winning CBT Therapist and NLP Practitioner and radio broadcaster. She is the author of the Amazon Best Seller Cause and Effect and How To Emotionally Empower Yourself In The Next Hour Of Your Life.  She is also the mother of a teenager with Asperger’s and is the author of the book How To Turn Your Child’s Autism Around And Save Money. She coaches families and young people on the spectrum on how to reshape their lives and future goals.