Can I Make Money From Home? | 12 Ways To Start Blogging For Big Fistfuls Of Cash

So, you want to make some money at home, preferably online, right? Good. The best and only proven way to do that is to start a blog on your favourite topic.

But, you think you can’t write?

Well, don’t despair. Follow these tricks without fail and you will get to the top of the earning tree faster than you can say ‘Squirrel.’

  1. Start a blog that you OWN and not one that can be taken away from you. (The only way to do this is to go through WordPress – they are owned by Google so they are better in the rankings which is what you need – and buy a domain. There is a secret to getting the right domain which I teach you in our FREE e-course so reserve your seat on the right here now!)
  2. Get specific about your niche. Don’t write a blog about several niches. An audience want to come to your blog because they know they’re going to get some great information on Y. If you rock up and find a lot of stuff about X, they won’t stick around.
  3. Write like you’re writing to your best buddy. You don’t have to be the next TS Elliot. Just write in a style that you talk with. The blog has to be personal like you’re talking to one person out there. Make it relaxed and don’t dress it with fancy words. You’re not in competition. Not in that way, anyway.
  4. Write regularly and make sure you are writing about something you love. If you don’t you will get fed up and go off and do something else.
  5. Stick with it. No one ever made money overnight without a winning Lottery ticket. Simple.
  6. Build your audience and give something away for free, like a cheat sheet. If you niche is bouncy castles, give away a cheat sheet on your personal tips on how to hire the right bouncy castle for the right event. Sounds too naff? Try finding out how many people are Googling bouncy castles each day and you will stop smirking.
  7. Download the right plugins. Get the All IN One SEO installed on your WP site. This will look after all your SEO needs without having to go off and get a degree in it.
  8. Get an Optin box – we love Optin Cat at WP – you can download the plugin for free HERE. It makes the world’s greatest plugins and the conversions are higher than high. They are easy to install, personalise and they look great either as a post box, side bar widget or a pop up.
  9. Use the Alphabet Soup technique by using Google search box and see what everyone else is searching for. Start writing in ‘how to…’ whatever you are interested in and see what Google second guesses for you. This is called staying attentive and focused on what’s going on around you. The more you keep your eyes open to trends on the net, the sharper your site will be and more popular. You can also use a highly powerful keyword tool called JAAXY (and it’s a heck of a lot easier to use that Google Keyword Planner.)
  10. Get some seriously good free training on the net and stick to it. Don’t just dabble in a bit of training on digital marketing here and a bit of how to pin in Pinterest here. That won’t do it. We recommend Wealthy Affiliate for basic blog building and marketing training for beginners. It is FREE and still, even after all these years, not beaten by anyone one else. So, do yourself a favour and get signed up and complete the training.
  11. If you stumble and don’t get the traffic you want immediately. Don’t give up. The internet is testing your focus and your commitment. I personally got my Facebook ads account shut down, then I got banned from posting in groups for a week. I never stopped focusing. If one door got clammed in my face, I tried another and another. Now I earn stupid amounts of money because I never gave up and saw every slammed door as a challenge and not a reason to quit.
  12. Watch everyone else. Have a look at the most successful blogs and read them carefully. Take time out to subscribe and watch to see what they’ve done. Learn from everyone else and really pay attention. See beyond what they say and read between the lines. Look at their layout of their blog. Type set, colours, are they presenting a good image? Personality? Are they engaging with their reader’s comments? All these tricks will help you have just the same success, if you learn properly.


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michelle hatcher mediaMichelle Hatcher is the founder of TVG Productions and is the former editor and founder of the UK’s only digital vintage publication, The Vintage Eye from which its sister email newsletter, the TVG, rocked up 60,000 subscribers in its first 6 months of publication. She is an expert digital marketer and has helped hundreds of craft and vintage businesses get off the ground since 2013 across the UK and the U.S. She is also a vintage entertainment promoter and the author of The Vintage Eye Guide To 20th Century Fashion and 1940’s Accessories. She is a lover of Steampunk and reports on events and festivals across the UK and the U.S and the U.S

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