The Secret Sauce To Having A Brilliant Career Part 2 (The Power Of Intention)

Following on from Part One, let’s start Part Two by talking about the things you’ve probably do already that you think might work but actually don’t when it comes to creating your ideal path:

Mood boards:

Sitting down and making up a few Pinterest boards is not going to get you all the wealth and abundance you want. Sorry. They will work if you want to change the colour of your bathroom, but when it comes to manifesting your dream job, it’s really only half the recipe.


You might want to sit down painfully crossed legged for half an hour each day and focus your mind on visualising your ideal role without that thought of ‘what’s for dinner tonight?’ But, it’s not going to work on its own.

Sure, everything around you in your life, right now, started off as a single thought than then transferred to an idea before action took place, but it took a lot more than simply thinking about it. Your mind might be brilliant enough to come up with some pretty cool graphics after ten minutes of your eyes being shut, but with the secret element, the imagination won’t work to creating your dream career.

There is one key element you have completely missed out on.

You have to believe in what you want. But not in the way you think.

You need to EXPECT it. Like it’s a given.

Because everything you have in your life, right now, you expected at some point in the past.

That bad relationship you’re in? You expected that to happen. Even if your intention was different when it started out, there was at one point after that, that you expected it to be the way it is right now. So you got it.

Somewhere along the line, your thought process shifted. Even if you didn’t realise it at the time.

The universe will ALWAYS give you want you expect to happen.

Belief is one thing but expectation, is a whole new, very real ball game.

And this is where your inner marketing manager comes back in.

Your inner story is writing your expectations and your actions in the outside world will ensure that, that expectation will be carried out.

You might land the perfect job, but if you deep down expect to lose it as some point in the future, sure as heck, you will. Because your subconscious mind will ensure your actions will pave out the journey to that expectation, so it is carried out on time, right on schedule. The expectation is your belief and if your believe something will happen, it will.

So, how do you go about changing what we believe will happen in our lives? Well, we use dreams.

If you find it difficult to consciously think about how to change your belief system, then to intend to dream it instead.

Many of us will struggle to change our belief system simply because they are the beliefs and values we’ve had all our lives.  Yet using dreams can skip that and all you have to do is set the intention.

Dreams are hugely powerful yet we tend to ignore them as our mind simply going through what we think is the ‘sorting out of stuff we’ve done during that day or seen or TV.’ Yet they are much more than that.

You might have come across something called the power of intention.


So, here is a little trick for you.

Before you go to bed tonight and go to sleep, set yourself your intention for the following day and ask your subconscious mind to give you to, in a dream, all the things you need to make that intention come true.

Get used to using your imagination when visualising your dream scenario. You see, visualising will only work if you truly feel and believe what you are visualising is actually going to come true. Other wise, as we talked about before, just thinking about an image is not going to do the job.

You have to get emotionally involved in what you want or it won’t happen. Just thinking about the word ’emotion’ shows that you need to take action – ‘e-motion.’ To make something happen your life you first have to take the action for it to happen.

Then it will happen, but be warned. This can work for both positive and negative outcomes so be careful what you wish for!


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Michelle is an award winning marketing, PR and leadership consultant. She is has CoE Diplomas in Marketing, PR, Business Management and Accountancy, and is a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management and The Association of Integrative Psychology.

She is a keen mountain biker and once won the 42km cross country race for ChildLine raising over £1000. She lives in Wiltshire with her family and three cats.




The Secret Sauce To Having A Brilliant Career (In Fact, Brilliant In Every Corner Of Your Life)

Did you know that being any manager of any team or department, you need to be a brilliant marketing manager first?

You don’t see it?

Let me explain:

Marketing isn’t just for the department and it doesn’t just stop at what ever it is you are promoting to your target audience.

Marketing starts, believe it or not, with you and more importantly, how you feel about YOU.

This is what I mean…

Market yourself to yourself effectively and you can literally change your world. Regardless of your occupation, industry or niche. Whether you are an office cleaner, a builder, laying roads, tredding the boards or heading a board room. If you can market yourself to yourself, you can be anything or anyone you want to be.

So let’s go back for a second to the heading of this article today.

We’re talking about being a marketing manager but let’s turn that around for a second. Manage your marketing – managing yourself as your own marketing manager. It is all about the inside story. What you tell yourself inside is always what you get on the outside.

Ok, so now I have completely confused you, let’s take that last paragraph apart.

We already know that what’s going on, on the inside of yourself is always, always reflected on the outside. So, if your life is pretty rubbish, then I can guess that you don’t feel that great about yourself, right?

So, that gives us a chicken and egg scenario. What came first? The feeling of being inadequate and useless or are you just merely reacting to what’s going on in the outside world?

What you think about yourself is always reflected in your world

The values you have of yourself (or lack of it) comes first. Always.

Those values you have now, have been there since you were around 12 years old. That’s the age where we build our sense of self worth that sticks rigidly to for the rest of your life. It maps out your destiny.

You see, where we have been going wrong all these thousands of years is that we allow what’s going on in the outside world dictate to us how we feel, rather than the other way around. What we should be doing is rewriting the rule book in our minds on what we want the outside world to be.

Yet this is very difficult to do otherwise we would all be doing it. You see, we’re not beings that feel and then think, we are thinking beings that feel. We are led every day to act on how we feel, we should be scrapping how we feel and just doing what we KNOW we should be doing.

I will give you an example:

If you didn’t feel like doing something, you wouldn’t do it right? Yet, if you wanted to do it, you would do it, yes?

Changing the intention

What you need to do is change the intention. Your mind creates the feelings that puts your physical body into scenarios that reflect how you feel about yourself, others and the world around you.

You will always, on a subconscious level, look, no, in fact, seek out all the situations on the planet that are equal to your values. So if you have a bad job now, you will always have a bad job, because you are actively seeking out jobs that are equal to the poor image you have of yourself.

Great leaders don’t put themselves in that environment. Why? Because the conversation they are having inside sees them as the great leaders they are, or the great business owners, entrepreneurs, managers. To change it, you change the way you are marketing yourself to yourself.

And it can happen, and quicker than you think.

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Michelle is an award winning marketing, PR and leadership consultant. She is has CoE Diplomas in Marketing, PR, Business Management and Accountancy, and is a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management and The Association of Integrative Psychology.

She is a keen mountain biker and once won the 42km cross country race for ChildLine raising over £1000. She lives in Wiltshire with her family and three cats.

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We Become What We Think About – Are You Jepodising Your Business?

In 1956, former World War Two U.S Marine, Earl Nightingale had already experienced the extent of what man was capable of toward another first hand during the attack by the Japanese on Pearl Harbour in late 1941.

Perhaps it was no wonder that after the war ended, he turned to ask the deepest questions about the psychology of the human being.

So, it was in the year of 1956 that he created a record called The Strangest Secret after reading Napoleon Hill’s 1937 classic, ‘Think and Grow Rich.’ It was to start an industry – modern psychology or better known as the ‘self-help’ industry, but it was to become more than just a book or a recording of the steps to a wealthier life. It was about six very important words that could literally change your life, your business, your world:

We become what we think about.

For the purposes of this article and you, the reader, let’s focus on what this means in business.

First, I need to ask you. Where is your business right now in the world? Is it where you want it to be? Are you at a place in your chosen field where you visualised yourself being this time, five years ago? Because if you’re not, then you need to look at what you have been thinking about. Our results today are from the things we were thinking about in the past. Whether we realise it or not, our thoughts have led to the actions that have got us to where we are right now. But there is another element to this and it is that by the time we hit our mid 20’s, we have shifted into a life that everyone else in our chosen world is living.

Earl Nightingale once said that if you took 100 men, by the time they were 65 years old only 5 would be financially secure. The rest, pretty much, would all be broke. He questioned this. What happens to the aspirations of us at 25 that leads us to be somewhere completely different by the time we are old? The answer, Nightingale went on to explain was conformity.

We conform, especially in business and it is a big killer. We do things and make decisions based on what everyone else is doing. Now, this might be great customer research, after all, if someone else is doing something in the same field and it’s working for them, then what’s the harm in doing it too, right?

Yes, BUT only to a point.

What if we took what someone else was doing and packaged it differently? Just to start off with.

First, that must come from a single thought. If we get clear on what it is exactly we envisage for our businesses, then we can make the necessary steps to propel it forward. Very few business owners ARE clear on what they want. They might think they are but there are usually gaps in their thought process.

Most will consider, as stated before, what everyone else is doing and copy it. Doing this doesn’t stick your head above the parapet. It doesn’t make a platform for growth and expansion. It doesn’t put you in a position of leadership and it certainly won’t drive traffic to your business. What you need to be absolutely clear about is where you want to be. The key here is not to focus on how to get there – the why you are doing it comes first. The what ALWAYS comes second.

It is my belief that this is what Nightingale was teaching in his message over 60 years ago, but it requires real thought. There is an old saying that goes only 1% of us take time to truly think. 2% of us think we think and the other 97% of us would rather die than think.

For business, there is nothing else that can kill off hard work and dedication faster than a lack of thinking. Conformity only shows us the path of least resistance, that’s why we do it. So, this week, take time to truly think about where you want your business to go and act on it. Think about the desired goal and work backwards from it asking yourself at every step, ‘what did I do to make that happen?’ Then you will have your plan and a plan that will guide your Navy to where you want to be.