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With a proven track record in lead generation, advanced email automation to send your business turnover through the roof, myself and my team are ready to help you change your business from a hobby to an empire. The sky is the limit.

We have been marketing businesses across a wide platform of niches since 2012 starting with our first venture, the TVG Newsletter which saw over 60,000 subscribers sign up to the event newsletter in less than 6 months.

We then launched The Vintage Eye Magazine, the only digital publication of it’s kind in Europe.

Since then, we have been building the digital marketing for businesses across the UK seeing hundreds of small businesses develop from hobbies into profitable, full time occupations for their proud owners.

How do we do it?

By creating strategic digital marketing plans which are bespoke and unique with consistent success.

The question is now, is YOUR business ready for success?

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Michelle Hatcher is the founder of TVG Productions and is the former editor and founder of the UK’s only digital vintage publication, The Vintage Eye from which its sister email newsletter, the TVG, rocked up 60,000 subscribers in its first 6 months of publication. She is an expert digital marketer and has helped hundreds of craft and vintage businesses get off the ground since 2013 across the UK and the U.S. She is also a vintage entertainment promoter and the author of The Vintage Eye Guide To 20th Century Fashion and 1940’s Accessories. She is a lover of Steampunk and reports on events and festivals across the UK and the U.S and the U.S


In Confidence for Autism…

You will be pleased to know that when you contact me, you get in touch with me, and me only.

how to now booster kits for parents of ASD childrenYou can be assured I will be the only person who will read your email, and I will be the only person who will respond to you too, but do give me a couple of days, I like to make sure I am responding to each email with my fullest attention, and I do like to give as much advice as I can.

As both a parent of Autism and a fully qualified NLP and CBT Therapist, I have written several books on treatments and discovered methods helping parents, carers and families all over the world as fas as India.

(If you would like to know more about my current books, conferences, public speaking and events, you can call my booking team on 07880550025 and they will be very happy to help you.)


Michelle Hatcher is an award-winning CBT Therapist and NLP Practitioner and radio broadcaster living with Asperger’s Syndrome who started her own working online in 2004.  She is the author of the Amazon Best Seller Cause and Effect and How To Emotionally Empower Yourself In The Next Hour Of Your Life and How To Turn Your Child’s Autism Around And Save Money.  She is also the mother of a teenager with Asperger’s and PDA. She coaches families and young people on the spectrum on how to reshape their lives and future goals.


michelle hatcher mediaI look forward to hearing from you,

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