podcast series - living with autism

Effective Parenting With Autism

What would you say if I told you there was a way to help not only bridge the communication gap between you and your ASD child? That there was a comprehensive guide to understanding how your child’s mind works, how you can help them improve their future, become more independent, go to college and work successfully and know how to effectively manage their own difficulties so that they could lead a rewarding and fulfilling life? And I’m not just talking about accessing sheltered housing schemes, working stacking shelves but really making a contribution to the work place, build relationships, friendships and interests?

I’ve qualified in Life Coaching, NLP and CBT for my own teenage son with Autism and studied hard, earning three Diplomas just because I wanted to help my son, Jon. Now I want to help you and other people with children like you too. I’ve put together a complete guide to parenting with Autism but with a difference. This will help you child understand their mind and help them how to think, create and get inspired with it, this is not like any other course.
Our kids have a gift of the imagination. We all know that. It’s about time we helped them put that to good use. Sign up to my newsletter is you want to step up your game as a parent and show the schools and local authorities that our children shouldn’t be labelled anymore..
If you want help with your child, teenager, whether they are on the spectrum or not. Every parent needs a shoulder sometimes.
Get in touch and see if we can help..
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