What are the benefits of a Life Coach?

life coachingCoaching will help you build strength in yourself and develop your confidence to a level where you can achieve the results you desire in your life. The best bit is that they draw out potential and creativity that you didn’t realise you had. They can solve problems quickly for you by showing you where you have overcome obstacles in the past.

They can map out step by step plans for you to follow to help you get to where you want to be. They will show you options you won’t have considered before, allowing you to strive for a more productive and profitable future, rewarding relationships, better job prospects, finances and so on. A good coach will go through the specifics of where you want to be, whether the goal is manageable and realistic for you.

What’s the difference between a good coach and a bad one?

Good coaches give you something that a lot of other therapists can’t do. They will empower you. A bad one will only see to empower themselves. They are not a fair godmother however! They will develop a solid working relationship with you on your journey to your success. A good coach will focus on you completely regardless of what is going on in their own life. A good coach will show you where you store the answers within yourself to solve your problems. A good coach will never tell you what they think you should do.

They will show you how to access their hidden intelligence to work things out for yourself. The secret is to give your confidence a clean slate so you can build your empire on your own! A good coach will have taken time to get trained in other accompanying therapies such as cognitive behavioural therapy and neuro-linguistic programming. Having these specialities gives a good coach a wider range of techniques to teach you, thus helping you achieve your goal with greater ability.

REMEMBER! Stay clear from coaches who don’t have a certification or formal training. Although the coaching industry is not regulated and does not require any formal training at the time of print, it is always best to go with a coach who has taken their profession seriously enough to want to get properly trained. They are more likely to take YOU seriously too!

What’s the different between Life Coaching and Mentoring?life coaching

Life Coaching is not mentoring. Let’s get that straight as many people do get this confused. A Coach will help you realise the potential and the answers that lie within you. That really is their primary objective. Their job is to guide you to the right conclusions without telling you what you should do.

Coaching is all about empowering the person and bringing to the surface all that creative intelligence so you can tap into it when ever you need to in the future. A mentor on the other hand has already got to where you want to go. They could be highly successful in a particular field you want to get into. They can help you do the things they have done to help you achieve your goal.

How do I know if I need a Life Coach?

The majority of people go through life not ever knowing that they have an infinite resource of intelligence and creativity lying at their very fingertips. This is why all the highly successful people in the world have had a coach at some point. Some, even when they have reached the top of their game, still employ a coach for guidance.

You might have thought about life coaching in the past when you have felt down, stressed out or isolated. Perhaps there might have been an issue with your relationships that is getting you down, family or personal. Maybe you have wanted apply for a better job but thought you don’t have the right skills. Sometimes, people like to tap into the inner intelligence we all have. This is how a Life Coach can help you. Go for a coach who is specialised in a particular field. You can still go to a life coach who covers all areas of life but it is best to go for a master of a few rather than a jack of all trades! A good coach will always list the areas they specialise in (like I have at the bottom of the page!) Then you will know if that coach is right for you.

How does coaching work?

A life coach will give you some options on how YOU would like to be coached. Again, a good coach won’t tell you what you should do. They may advise what sort of coaching they think is best for you (and the only way a good coach will do this is through getting to know you first) but the final option is always your choice. They can work either face to face (usually from a private office or place you are comfortable with.

Good coaches may travel to see you in a place of your choice.) over the telephone, by Skype or by email. Like any good therapist, you will be give a rough time to complete the problem you have, say two appointments over three weeks, for example. This is always agreed between you and the coach and you both have a copy of the agreement. You can see an example of the type of form I issue to my clients HERE.

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