How My Business Went From Broke To Blooming In Just One Week | Part 2

how my business went from broke to blooming in 7 daysNikola Tesla, the extraordinary electrical scientist and inventor once said that he only ever thought through a new idea logically and carefully in his subconscious mind before putting what he had thought of onto a physical plane. Giving in completely to whatever came into his subconscious mind and letting the images flow naturally allowed the fortune of his inventions never to collapse.

Friedrich van Stradonitz worked tirelessly on figuring out what atoms made up the benzine formula and through what structure. Yet, as soon as he stopped consciously over thinking about how the atoms needed to be arranged to make the formula work, he came up with the solution as is by magic. Except that it wasn’t magic at all. It was the will and the faith of what these men had in their subconscious mind that allowed the answers to come to them. For many of us, this kind of thinking doesn’t come naturally. We have to wait for moments very much like the one that happened to me to make sense suddenly of the true situation and thus bring forth the clear path through to the other side.

What had happened to me is that I got not just angry, yes, but focused. It was as if I knew exactly what my next moves would be to get one client and then another and another. What we don’t find sometimes is that we literally cannot see ‘the wood for the trees.’ We fog up. Surround ourselves with distractions – things that we think will help but actually push us into the opposite direction.



It is our stupid conscious mind that only thinks in short bursts and doesn’t think logically. Its hunger is only for food, water, warmth and sleep. Remember: it is there to consider danger when it approaches but it is your subconscious mind that tells your legs and feet to run and in which direction.

Events like the one which happened to me was what we call ‘the last straw.’ It is a very powerful place to be. We get creative when our backs are against the wall. Where there has been intense emergency, people surprise themselves by pulling out great amounts of strength both mentally and physically to overcome the situation. We do things that we wouldn’t even think we were capable of doing. We discover hidden talents and abilities, but only when that last straw has been nudged.

So, the lesson here is, get to a place where you are up against it. If your business is failing, focus on the one thing that you couldn’t possibly ever do without. Now that might not even be money or the roof over your head. Think about what it would mean to lose it and then find your action. It will be there somewhere as we all have it.  For me, it was the money running out. It gave me that sense of urgency that I took action immediately and kept going.

The beauty of this is, is once you have found the way to get through and out the other side, you can never un-do it. You will always remember the route you took to win and you will be able to do it again and again. This is why millionaires always become millionaires again even when they have seemingly lost everything.

Find your focus or at least do something next that will help you find it. Then let your subconscious mind do the rest and don’t force it. It is come even if it’s in the weirdest of pictures and images!  You will find, it won’t let you down.


Has the same thing happened to you? Have you found yourself in a situation and then suddenly found a way out? Let me know your thoughts in the comments box below! Or drop me an email at


Michelle Hatcher is an Accredited Business Coach (Dip) and award-winning Marketing and PR Consultant. She is also a certified CBT for Business Coach (Diploma), NLP Practitioner (AIP) Member of the Complimentary Medical Association, International Alliance of Holistic Therapists and the International Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching and a member of the Association of Integrative Psychology. She lives in Wiltshire and currently works with clients in the Financial Services industry.

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