How To Build An Incredibly Successful Business With Just One Customer

In this post, you will learn about the all-important customer journey you must build to ensure the end goal by utilising the relationship with just ONE customer.

Because ONE customer is ALL you need.

Starting with this post today, you will learn how to create the perfect funnel system through which each customer will travel, how to automate it so you can drive sales even in your sleep AND how to turn each customer into a raving fan marketing your business for you, for FREE to their own following. But first, you should know EXACTLY what marketing means in the digital age.


How to successfully market anything in the 21st Century

Whether you are buying a new car, a washing machine or even hunting about for gift ideas, chances are, your first port of call will be the internet. You check out review sites, ask your friends on Facebook, analyse followings on fan pages, Google the word ‘scam’ into your search box. The opportunities to gather information are endless.

Years ago, if we wanted to know about a vacuum cleaner on the market, we asked the neighbours or even our in-laws, apart from that, we were at the mercy of the common or garden newspaper ad or TV commercial. There was more at risk as a consumer in those days!

Today, things are very different. At the click of a mouse, we can ask anyone in the world about a product and what’s more, they are willing to give us a brutal opinion. No more are we handing over great wads of cash unknowingly to oily salesmen. The consumer has bitten back.

Yet at the same time, marketing hasn’t changed. The buyer might be armed with an entirely infantry of facts, figures, statistics and honest opinions, yet on the other hand, the seller’s goal is to do exactly what he and his ancestors have been attempting for thousands of years before: building a relationship with the customer.



Understanding the journey

When a visitor first comes to your site. They are a cold prospect. They don’t know you. They don’t even care about you. To them, you are nothing but them to you, are everything.

This is the point where you have to over-deliver from the word go. It is this impression of you that will last the longest in them and turn their cold shoulder into a warmed-up reader!


There is only ONE secret ingredient a successful business.

It’s nothing to do with the amount of money you sink into it. It’s not about your staffing numbers, your Facebook following or even how brightly coloured your Pinterest board is.

No. It’s none of that.

It is this: building a beneficial relationship with your customer.

To be honest, a new business’s prime goal is to build ONE beneficial relationship with ONE customer.

Yes. That’s right.


Why should a new business focus on only ONE customer?

There are several reasons why a new business needs to focus on creating the PERFECT relationship with one customer at a time.  Get this FIRST relationship right and it becomes the perfect model to use for every customer afterwards. It’s straight forward when you think about it.


Secondly, if you are using only one customer at first, you can get feedback.

One person who knows that you are only focusing on them right now is likely to want to work with you to improve their experience with your company. They will undoubtedly feel honoured that you are focusing on them and them only. A customer getting this much attention can be worth their weight in gold when it comes from what you can gain from their insight!

Now, we’ve understood WHY you are focusing on one customer. Let’s move on now to how the sales funnel for this customer is going to work:


Making your sales funnel work for you immediately.

Once you’ve got your first customer, you need to understand how they have come to you. Did they find your website easily? Was it a quick process? Did they come to you via a pingback on a website post you wrote? Was it a link from elsewhere? Did they find you through a comparison site? An online advertisement? A social media post?

The answer to this part of the journey is vital. It will be the first piece of the jigsaw when putting together the successful sales funnel. Whichever way they came to you, it is a process that worked. If one customer can find you this way, then more will and so on.

the happy successful sales funnel

The big mistake that businesses often make is trying to master every single social media platform.

It won’t work not unless you’re Coca Cola. Every social media platform speaks a different language and has a different audience. You can’t use the same ‘speak’ on Facebook as you do on Twitter or LinkedIn. Find one that is working and master that one only. At least for now.

In this case, the funnel is acting as an assistant to help your customer along the journey you wish them to take with your business.

One easy trick to do to help you consider each stage is to imagine your funnel as a person – your salesman.

Imagine the conversation your customer will want to have with your salesman as they make their way through your business.


Secondly, how did they contact you?

Was the first transaction an email address capture? Did they download something from your site? Read a blog post? Subscribe to a newsletter? For the first part of the funnel to work there needs to be a transaction.

Now, this is not where money exchanges hands – there is so much that needs to happen first before money is moved around.

This is where your visitor to your site gives you their email address in exchange for something you are providing them: a white paper, a download – something where they are going to discover that YOU are an expert in your field AND you are prepared to give them something for FREE to enhance this new belief of theirs.


Next: Did you or are you providing them with continuous value?

A free download is all well and good, but have you continued nurturing that new relationship?

Are you keeping in regular contact with them, providing them with new value? This is where you need to second guess what your customer is thinking about next.

This is also where your customer research comes into play (and I hope you have already down this!) Think about their next problem and address it BEFORE they decided to find the information from someone else.

Once they move away, they will never come back. Imagine what your customer is worried about, concerned about or think about the problem they have right now (or are going to have in the future) where you can provide the solution.

You only must get this right ONCE and they will keep coming back for more. Lose this opportunity to second guess what they want next and you stand the chance of losing them forever.



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