How To Discover Your Life’s Purpose And Why You Need To Do It

Today, we’re going to talk about what 97% of the world fail to accomplish; achieving your life’s purpose. That’s not just achieving it, but failing to even find out exactly what that is. So many people never realise what that is in life.

Yet, we all have a purpose, but drifting from one year to the next aimlessly not finding that purpose, increases our chances of developing cancer, losing our homes or failing to gain the financial freedom we deserve. So, the need to find out why we should be delving into our past lives, is vital to help us avoid the disasters of this current life.

So, today, to help you on your way to discovering your true path in life, I am going to walk you through one VERY important element you need to consider to get to where YOU deeply want to be: YOUR PAST LIFE.

To be or not to be; whether you believe in it or not

Now, I know there will be a lot of eye rolling at those three words. You might not believe it actually exists, yet a wise man once said, ‘just because you don’t believe in it, doesn’t mean to say it isn’t true.’ Reincarnation exists, and I shall prove to you why, and how.

Many people believe that the soul or spirit is our body; a unique and perpetual ball of energy that forever moves and spins. This energy (some people call it ‘personality’) lives within in us as it travels through this world, gaining knowledge and understanding to help it on its way to connect, eventually with the universal light (enlightenment)or higher self. These souls live from one Earth body to another in different lives, in different countries and cultures. They experience specific event and people in their lives from which they must learn lessons.

Often, we experience a ‘knowing’ on visiting a place, feeling a strong connection with a period in time or history or culture. It is upon looking closer at these drawing interests in our lives that we connect with our past life. There isn’t a religion or faith on the planet that does not believe in spirit. The ancient teachings of the Egyptians taught us that our spiritual path was just as, if not, more important than our Earthly life.

There have been many sensational stories over the years of children who have found strong connections with past lives. Many have been willing to be regressed to show the world evidence that reincarnation exists. One famous story was of Barbro Karlen, the woman who gave extraordinary evidence that she had been Anne Frank; the famous diarist child who lived and died a persecuted Jew along with her family during World War Two, and died along with her sister in a concentration camp.

On visiting the museum as a little girl of Anne Frank’s family hideout, she correctly described pictures that had hung on the walls, to names of the people who lived there, what live had been like for the Jewish family in hiding in such incredible detail, that there was no way this child could have known any of this information. As an adult, Barbro bears a striking resemblance to the late Anne Frank.

By taking any interest in the things that call to us; the places, people, time in history, we can learn about why we are here. This is a good place to start when figuring out your true life’s purpose.

What’s the difference between a life goal and life purpose?

The answer is fundamentally spiritual. Your life goal is the goal you see yourself achieving, or not. It is the idea we create in our minds that comes from our paradigms of what we expect in our life and what we want. These are conscious thoughts that either translate or not, as this is more often, into subconscious thoughts thus turning into actions.

A life purpose goes deeper than that. If we see ourselves as two beings; one in this life, this body living now, and the other, our soul – an entity travelling through time and space reaching eventually enlightenment and higher self.  Our life’s purpose is our soul’s purpose. The origins of this purpose run consistently though our past lives, present life and future lives. They are the goals that are given to us to learn and master throughout our journey. For example; your life goal might be to be a high achieving sales rep, yet your life’s purpose is to give more to other than to yourself. The life’s purpose is always on a deeper level. This is achieving this purpose that we find, what Abraham Maslow described as being ‘self-actualisation.’ It is the highest point we are in the physical to the ethereal; the divine.

Knowing your life’s purpose and how to find it.

We understand a bit more about our journey through this cosmos. We realise that we are not just here for the one life we know now but several, even multiple lives. Each one teaching us a bit more about the deepest, most profound lessons that a soul can ever learn.

There is so much more to the ‘what’s out there’ than we realise. We search until we think we can’t find answers, yet if we stop and think about how much we have searched, we would soon realise, that we have only searched 2%. This life holds no answers for us. Not in itself alone. We need to go deeper than that, and the way to do this? Through meditation and conscious thought.

The secret here is to train the subconscious mind so it then does as we ask it to. Someone once said that the subconscious is merely the naughty monkey that sits within you, who gets bored easily and gives you a load of hassle much of the time.

It is the part of you that throws stuff at you at inopportune moments. You might be driving along a motorway, minding your own business and suddenly your subconscious monkey throws to the front of your mind, a fight you had with your father when you were six which you’ve never dealt with.  Yet despite this mischievous animal in you, your subconscious holds the key to your every desire. It is rather like putting a toddler in charge of a Ferrari. There is significant power and authority in it’s little hand yet it does not have the maturity and will to do anything with it.

Train your subconscious to focus on what you want deep down and you will find your purpose, but it won’t happen overnight. Eventually, after time, you will be able to focus and let your life just happen, because it will.

But that’s for another post for another day.

In the meantime, make a deal with yourself that you will change your life starting from now. Then come back to read the next post in a couple of days…

Then the work will really begin….



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