How To Make Money From Your Dog | 7 Steps To A Profitable Business Without Videos Or Instagram

Sounds a bit bizarre? Good! It’s meant to!

In this post, I am going to walk you through how to make money with your dog, cat, hamster or just about anything you like without having to spend endless hours uploading mediocre YouTube videos or taking shots for Instagram for a few cents.

This post will tell you how your passions for your pets could and possibly WILL make your fortune. (I will bet you’ve considered making cash when staring into those big brown eyes but NEVER like this.)

So let’s begin…

First, we’re going to ask ourselves a few thought-provoking questions.

How much do you love your pooch? (Let’s stick with the dog for the purposes of this post) Ok, so that sounds like a no-brainer question but there is a clue in what you can do with your dog in your answer.

If you love your dog and would happily spend every waking moment of your day with him then we’re on to a winner.

After all, what I am about to share with you needs your 100% passion for your pooch as you’re going to spend a lot of time focusing on your puppy love.

Next question. Can you write short sentences or a few paragraphs about dog owning? Training? Walking? Playing? Good! Even if you only answered one of those questions, we’re on the right track.

Right, that’s the questions sorted out.

Next I am going to show you what to do next:

If you are keen to start a business (doesn’t matter how big or small) about your pet then you need to sort out a few things first, and the easiest thing to sell online is always someone else’s stuff.

So, that’s exactly what we are going to aim for, and no, this doesn’t mean you will be spending hours standing around shopping centres with a tray full of blue dog biscuits. You are going to conduct your pet passions from the comfort of your couch.



These are the steps I want you to take next:

  1. Start a FREE and simple website. Can’t do that? Don’t worry, click here and I will walk you through the easiest, free website course that’s known to man.
  2. Gather some keywords together and start writing a few blog posts. For example: these words could be the breed of your dog. Let’s say that your dog is a Toy Poodle. To generate some good traffic to your website (the best traffic is always going to be the traffic who have their credit cards in their hands ready to spend) you will need to know who is looking up the keywords ‘Toy Poodle.’ You can do this by using a easy to navigate keyword research tool like Jaaxy. (But to give you an extra helping hand, use this search box below for FREE – it will give you 30 tries first before you need to sign up to a cheap membership.)


3. Next, we want to start writing some brilliant posts that will drive your willing audience to your blog. You can read about how to do that HERE.

4. It’s time now to start considering promoting some doggy things for your audience to fall in love with and to buy from you, and to do that, you will need to write some reviews about these things. You can read a quick course about writing super fast and informative reviews for your blog HERE.

5. Now, you want to consider maximising your Google rankings with some cheaper than cheap ads for your site to drive yet more traffic to your site. You can watch a video about it HERE.

6. Now, you’re going to ad some more posts to your site. After all, Google favours sites that are going regularly updated and posted on. You can read about how to do that HERE

7. Of course, what better why to drive some free traffic to your site than to post some engaging stuff around social media. You can find out how to do that will brilliant effect HERE.


Want some help?

No problem!  I am here to do just that.

Click on the image below and I will personally walk you through how to set up your blog, add some content and see that money start rolling in! (And you won’t ven have to walk the dog for it!)



start your own business today with your dog


What to do next…

Read our next articles on Jaaxy and Wealthy Affiliate to help you learn more about how these programs can get your online business off on the right foot.


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