Image Isn’t Everything, Your Paradigm Is

The Paradigm

It might be a strange way to start off a page about what we specialise in, but it’s actually true, or at least, I shall explain further;

Henry Ford once said, ‘If you think you can, you can, if you think you can’t, you can’t.’ We are, what we think we are. Many great thinkers, challengers of 20th Century psychology have all said that what people see on the outside is a reflection of what we are on the inside.

Bob Proctor, a jolly brilliant chap, has talked at great length over decades about paradigms. You might have heard about these. They are the collection of values and beliefs we have about ourselves that dictate our lives right down to who we have relationships with, where we live, the jobs we do and so on. Every single movement we make, thought we think, action we take and emotion we feel is down to our paradigm and the core of the paradigm is our self image.

What is self image?

Right the way through my twenties, I held a very strong belief that it was my job to drive an ambulance, go out with my friends several times a week to forget my job and to drift through life avoiding children and marriage at all costs. That last bit may not have been strictly true, but it can be an unwritten law that we stick to. It isn’t a choice we make, it’s life and it just happens that way.

For me, looking back, I would safely say that my paradigm at the time was made up of a few simple human needs which neatly and every so discretely lapped over any other true definition of my self image which even into my thirties, I was still in denial of. Those human needs I met as a club dweller burning the candle at several ends were; connection (with my crew mates) significance (due to the nature of my job and how I could handle anything medical that the world threw at me) and security (I managed to pay my mortgage every month or just about so I kept a roof over my head.)

Finding the path to a great self

It wasn’t until I hit my forties that I discovered that life shifted as you got to a different stage. To say that I didn’t really understand the meaning of living, what was real and what was important in how to get on successfully in every aspect, was an understatment. I found the key to everything after I had a child, fell disastrously in and out of marriage once or twice, discovered a gift for learning, found out what it was like to be unemployed, homeless and broke, got back on my feet again and shifted my physiology. One thing I have to say, you are never going to look good unless you watch what you put in your mouth. All the best creams and potions in the world won’t do a jot if you continue to abuse your body from the inside. On top of that, you need to shift old beliefs, ditch lingering thoughts of exes AND drop any feelings of resentment or revenge on old partners. There are easy techniques for these which will have you moving on from past loves in minutes!

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