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Love your weight or stuck with it? Did you know that for 95% of women in the world, the only thing that holds them back from acheiving their ambitions is if only they could lose a stone. This fun, light hearted and practical guide is perfectly pocket size to use what we already have within. As Michelle adores the fact that we all have the resources we need at our finger tips, this is surely a winner for those who love to revamp their wardrobe without spending a dime… READ MORE 


HOW TO TURN YOUR CHILD’S AUTISM AROUND AND SAVE MONEY How to turn your child's autism around and save money

This heart-felt, Amazon #1 Best Seller and true story of Michelle’s personal struggle with bringing up an Autistic child tells the frank tale of how she developed her skills into one of the U.K’s top Life Coaches today.  The first half of the book is the brtual account of the pre-diagnosis concerns followed by the post-diagnosis battle to get the support and recognitition her child so depserately needed. The second half of the book shows the big turn around in events; how she adopted CBT and NLP qualifications and developed them into treating Autism to her discovery and invention of the Parent Pentagon – the eye catching and dynamic system for every plight, worry and meltdown, that has been warmly welcomed by parents all over the world…. READ MORE


the asperger's guide to living hereTHE ASPERGER’S GUIDE TO LIVING HERE

As the awareness of Autistic Spectrum Disorders grows every year, more and more of us are living as best we can with Asperger’s Syndrome. In fact, studies show that there are probably more adults living with the disorder than any other demographic. In this touching and truly guiding handbook, Michelle talks you through how to cope with the social and communication barriers these disorders give us. She discusses in plain English how to go about getting housing, employment and benefits as well as making the most of your life, socialising, getting out and about and living a happy and fulfilled life. She even takes a harsh look at the myths surrounding the condition and boosts you up with a mountain of great things to celebrate about having Asperger’s.  Look out for her relaxation methods and techniques to strengthen your self image and manage your confidence. There have been many guides written in the past, but none of them show the personal encouragment and affectionate support as this book does…. READ MORE


CAUSE AND EFFECTcause and effect

Of course, the life of a life coach never stops. As a psychologist, Michelle took a keen interest in the subsconcious mind some years ago and has never stopped asking questions, researching and studying this fascinating matter. In her book, Cause and Effect, she takes the brain by the hair and gives it a good going over. The debate covers everything from Autism to Princess Diana. The mind, she says, is a very clever piece of machinery but it can also be the biggest clown on the planet. If you have ever wanted to wander down the questioning path of enlightenment, what better way to start your journey but here! READ MORE



unleash the positive mind online training for parentsIn 2016, Michelle launched one of the best selling, award winning UNLEASH THE POSITIVE MIND MASTERCLASS on the world’s leading  e-course website;Udemy. This best selling handbook is the official guide to the course and beyond. Taking you further along the CBT and NLP route to social and communication mastery, it is the book everyone else on the course is missing out on! With added methods, life hacks and techniques, it is the only companion to achieving life long success on this course… READ MORE




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