Our Disclosure

Our Disclosure

As we continue to bring you lots of helpful information about digital marketing, running your own business and making money online at Michelle Hatcher Media, you will find that we often add in links to products and items we think you might like.

These are links to special items from our favourite partners.

When we point readers in the direction of specific products or items we are reviewing or blogging about, we will pick up a commission for every sale that occurs.

That way, we are providing keen customers who want to find out more about the item as well as giving you, our readers, the chance to learn more about what you’re really passionate about!


What We Earn

We pick up a small commission from every sale that has been directed from our site and our posts here. This is decided and agreed prior in our contract with each partner and varies with each.

By being an affiliate for our partners, we can continue to run this website to the best possible standard for you, our readers and visitors and provide you with lots of helpful and informative posts about all things e-commerce FREE.


Our Partners

The companies and retailers we work with have been carefully hand-picked out of thousands all over the world. We always make sure they are to our exceptional high standard as we expect. We love our readers and we want to make sure you are getting the best possible product or item of the highest quality and best customer experience.

If you have any questions about how we work through affiliate programs with our partners, please do drop us a line at michelle@michellehatchermedia.com

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