Parenting Autism

Everyone is born with the skills they need to succeed in life, even people with learning difficulties. It is just a case of finding them inside.


Michelle is probably best known in the field for her #1 Amazon Best Seller HOW TO TURN YOUR CHILD’S AUTISM AROUND AND SAVE MONEY. This book saw her shoot to fame with her no frills approach to parenting this bewildering disorder which has left professionals clueless for decades.

She is a parent of an autistic teenager herself. Her son, Jon, has been her guiding light and inspiration in developing her research and skills when working with ASD’s.  She has written a number of books on Asperger’s Syndrome and has helped countless young adults across the world find the social and communication skills they need. She has also written the official course on Udemy, seeing her awarded 4.5 out of 5 stars on this global learning platform. Her course, UNLEASH THE POSITIVE MIND MASTERCLASS can be found here:

As you can see, she is more than eqipped for taking your life and that of your child to the next level. Using a unique mix of NLP and CBT as well as some hard earned personal experience, Michelle will show you exactly what you and your child are capable of.

You will be amazed.

do you know what your child is capable of?


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