Michelle and M.E

Living with M.E

michelle hatcher
For Secklow Sounds Radio October 2914. Photo: Harry Dickinson

michelle hatcherMichelle has been working with Neuro Linguistic Programming for much of her working life starting out working with young adults through mental health clinics and hospitals during her 20’s. From there, she moved into the world of commerce and has developed her skills along the way adding counselling to her growing list. Her more recent work has led her into areas of Thought Transference and her self penned methods of REST and RELAX as means to help with the symptoms of M.E, writing books on the subject since 2015.

After her career came to a head at the London 2012 Olympics dealing with the 1 million residents and businesses affected by the Games in Surrey, she continued her developing skills through work with the homeless in a number of local authorities which, has only encouraged her firm belief in mind over matter and has proved this through her own diagnosis of M.E and Fibromyalgia at the end of 2013.

2013 and 2014 were difficult years, spending most of the beginning of 2014 housebound and at times, bed ridden with chronic M.E unable to move. Since her diagnosis, she has studied at length, when well enough, the possible causes of M.E, its origins, medical research and history. Today, she

Me and my M.E
On stage at an event, Winchester 2014. Photo: local press

speaks on behalf of M.E sufferers of all ages through her publications and products.  She is an advocate for Pin Ups Against Bullying and regularly features self confidence and body awareness issues in her editorial, The Vintage Eye. She is a long campaigner on empowering women’s confidence and self esteem issues which affects millions of women all over the world.  She regularly supports charities and funding events with a vintage theme! In 2015, she is taking part in a fashion show raising funds for M.E Awareness.

Turn Everything To Your Advantage

She still lives with M.E but believes the illness to be an opportunity to get to understand your body better. Focusing on stronger skills and energy management, she teaches and advises on these skills to enable M.E and CFS sufferers to help live active and rewarding lives.

We can only learn deep lessons from what we go through in our lives, and ill health should be no different.

She also teaches and advises on life skills for Autism, self confidence issues, work management ethics, coaches small businesses on start ups and the psychology of commerce.

Appearing on radio three times during 2015, she is a delightful and entertaining speaker bringing humour and light into the core subject. At M.E fundraising events, she knuckles down and gets to the heart of her subject.

No one knows more about talking about M.E than an M.E sufferer themselves. To be at the forefront of any game in speaking, you have to have been there. Always.

She openly talks about her life and its ups and downs with compassion for her fellow sufferers with the chronic illness.

You have to get on the same level if you’re going to say anything that you want to project fully. Once people know you are one of them and you want the same things out of life as them, they will engage and you then have a rapport that’s magical.

What Michelle Hatcher says about M.E..

In NLP, we talk about maps of the world. Not maps as it drawings to a particular scale of countries and so on, we talk about our own map of the world. In other words, how we see the world through our own eyes. The map is our outline of how the world works. This map is usually put together from the day we were born; we set up the coordinates through what we are taught by our parents, teachers, what we must do (cross your legs and sit still during assembly) how we must be (never talk to strangers, always be polite, don’t put your elbows on the dining table) you know the sort of thing. The problem with this map is that it is distorted. It is skewed and often gives us the wrong image of the world. Now that’s not saying we all had terrible parents and teachers, it is the programming of our own minds which pre empties things that we could change if we knew how. What we learn through NLP is actually unlearning. It is the art of unravelling what we have been taught through our growing up to manage what is put in front of us in adulthood.
But what’s that got to do with managing M.E? Good question! We use NLP to generate a better understanding of our condition. We can unravelled our presuppositions and all the things we would have picked up in the past about chronic illnesses and learn from scratch how to deal with M.E.
We can learn a lot more about M.E if we stop. Go back to the start and listen to what our bodies are saying. We can, thank having M.E because it is a chance; an opportunity to learn more about ourselves.

Michelle is a great motivator in a male world. Throughout an industry that is fundamentally a very American world, Michelle is a breath of fresh air talking and an inspiration to anyone listening.

She has also written books on social history and fashion in the 20th Century and creativity at home during the Second World War.

Her passions are vintage clothing, music and 20th Century popular culture which she indulges in as much as possible!


If you would like to book Michelle as your inspirational speaker, then please do get in touch for further details at michelle@michellehatchermedia.com