Do you need help with your love life? Are you stuck in a relationship you want to get out of, yet fear you can’t? Are there financial issues that stop you from leaving and finding happiness elsewhere?

Michelle is your guide through the darker times we sometimes have in our personal lives.

Michelle has been the master of her own destiny. Married three times, she represented herself, with no legal rep in one of the most emotional divorces anyone can fear going through.

She has developed strong willed, determination in all her goals.

Her no frills, take action approach to coaching has seen her develop and make extraordinary shifts in the lives of extraordinary people, everywhere.











Michelle’s qualifications:

Certified Life Coach – Manchester Centre of Excellence.

Membership of the ILM, certified in Team Leadership and Management.

Member of the International Association of NLP and Coaching

NLP Practitioner, certified. Member of the Association of Integrative Psychology, United States.


Chamanic Therapies and Practices: Manchester Centre of Excellence.

Member of the Complimentary Medicine Association.

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