How To Be Happier Parenting Autism Everyday in 10 Minutes

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Depression hits more people parenting Autism than any other childhood condition. As there is no cure to Autism, there are only treatments, ways of thinking and therapies.

Often the mental health of the parents is pushed aside. Although there may be a growing number of agencies who are willing to jump and make note of your child’s every single breath, the parents are usually left, almost as if they don’t need any support at all.

It’s vital to keep a good positive attitude as parents. We think that it doesn’t matter and that we can put on a brave face but often our children start to fall behind at school if we’re not focused, feeling good and keeping our eye on the ball.

This is where depression can kick in. When parents feel isolated, choosing not to go out in fear of their child displaying unwanted behaviours, parents of Autism end up relying on other parents who will have their own issues to cope with too.

For us, there was nothing of any support for us when we were faced with heated discussions with the school and educational departments. We were meant to find out all we could for ourselves. What we didn’t realise is that if we didn’t find the support for ourselves, it was going to be our son who would suffer the most.

In this kit, we aim to reach out to every single parents who is stuck. Even if it’s just a tearful day, this kit is aimed at those days when you’re feeling down about your life and your family. It happens to all of us. All we share with you in this kit is some home truths, some positive thinking and some brillliant strategies to help push those dark clouds away.


Do you ever feel that you’re alone in the world when it comes to parenting Autism?

Do you sometimes think that you’re not doing a good job? That you’re missing out on a happier life that other parents seem to have? Do you avoid family outings because you’re worried that your child will have a meltdown?

It’s perfectly normal for parents of Autistic children to feel isolated, especially when they feel they can’t enjoy life with their family as other parents appear to. In fact, it is thought that al

most all parents of Autism have felt depressed and even sought help from their GP because of feelings ranging from inadequacy to despair.

It was our mission when designing the HOW TO NOW kits that we covered as much of the major worries parents have when parenting Autism. As parents ourselves of an Autistic child, we understood the impact of raising a child on the spectrum had on the mental health of the parents.

It is vital for not only our children but ourselves to look after our wellbeing. Parents tend to put themselves at second place often finding it difficult to stay positive about life. Children of parents suffering from depression are more likely to fail at school, face bullying and fall victim to inappropriate people and pastimes.

In this special kit, we offer each and every parent the chance to fix those Autism blues in ten minutes. With a few soothing pages and some suggested techniques we have aimed to have every dark corner and concern covered. Once mastered, these suggested methods of relaxation and time to yourself will boost your immune system, improve your confidence, improve your looks and relationships and enjoy life a little more.

You will be surprised regular ‘me’ time has on your child too!


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