How To Manage An Activity Change Kit

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Lots of parents have often told us that getting their child to change an activity can be the most challenging aspect of parenting Autism. Asking your child to pack their toys away and get ready for bed in Autism can be a headache at any age for any parent or carer. From toddlers to teenagers on the spectrum, this How To Now kit will guide you through the most effective method we’ve discovered with our own children!

Just as in the other kits in the How To Now series, once you have mastered this technique, changing from one activity to another will become a breeze!

And once we’ve got the bedtime routine in order, we get a good night’s sleep too!


Parents told us that there are around 5 things that if they could change them, they would be more confident parenting Autism.

One of these things is to master the technique of helping our children shift from one activity to the next.

Mums and dads told us that the worst time for changing an activity was at bedtime. Getting your child to pack away their toys and get ready for pyjamas and teeth brushing was their least favourite activity! Children can often play up before bedtime but children on the spectrum can be particularly difficult.

In this kit, we have devised a way to take the stress out of changing an activity for your child, which is often what we see in their reluctance. ASD children find the sudden change stressful because it can spark off panic in their minds. When your child is stress free, they are in an environment of calm and security. If you bear this in mind, traits in Autism become easier to manage.

After you have mastered the simple technique in this kit, you will be able to help your child shift from one activity to another with little stress. Once mastered, it should only take a matterof minutes for those toys to be packed away and ready for bedtime!


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