How To Manage Food Intolerances in 10 Minutes

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It is a well known fact that a good diet of fruit and vegetables decreases many of the unwanted behaviour traits we know in Autism.

We know that meltdowns decrease and that children are more likely to engage in learning and developing their social and communication skills. So plenty of fruit and veg is good news all round! Not only do our children benefit from the right balance of vitamins and minerals but we do too. We are more likely to sleep better, maintain a positive outlook and adopt a healthier lifestyle all round.

But what happens if our ASD child simply won’t eat the fruit and veg you give them? When dinner becomes a stressful ordeal, parents are sent into a downward spiral of poor diets just to keep the peace in the house. I know, we’ve done that in the past too.

So what if there was a way you could change your child’s tastes to the point that they might just love peas or carrots?  Well, there is an NLP tick which can help you do this. You can re-programme your child’s tastes (but not to extreme!) encouraging them to like the greeen stuff more than crisps and sweets.

This kit holds a simple yet very effect technique to help your child swap their liking for one food for another. (Don’t worry, they won’t go off crisps for life!) All you are doing is discovering how their mind works when they like certain foods and when they dislike them.

This little game in this kit is a fascinating insight into how your child’s mind stores memories and sensory information. Just by using a TV set to adjust the volume and contrast of the picture, we can use this technique to encourage a yummy taste in their mind for vegetables!

Once mastered, this method will take you ten minutes to complete.

To find out how NLP works, how it helps us cope with Autism and the benefits of using these techniques, click here.


We are delighted to present to you the HOW TO MANAGE FOOD INTOLERANCES IN 10 MINUTES kit.


If you are desperate for your ASD child to have a healthier diet then this is the kit for you!

We all know that children on the spectrum who maintain a healthy diet

have less meltdowns and unwanted behaviours. It has been proven that organic foods such as fresh fruti and veg can ease the stress levels which can be the cause of tension and anxiety. A better diet can help children learn more, take part in sports and have a generally happier childhood with less ailments and illnesses.

Building on the unique techniques we’ve used to help Autistic children find better foods and a healthier diet, the vision for the HOW TO NOW kits came from listening to hundreds of parents all over the world. They told us that what they really wanted was to save time. In our house when Jon was small, mealtimes would gone on for hours! All children at some stage will refuse to eat a decent diet but for parents of children on the autism spectrum, the challenge is greater. In this kit, we show you how you can manage your child’s likes and dislikes with greater speed!

This simple and friendly home kit will show you step by step how you can encourage your child to like the foods you want them to eat! Using NLP methods with a few tweaks here and there, this main method highlighted in the kit, once mastered will only take ten minutes.

NLP is used to help people manage their thought process by using all their senses to change, in this case, the way they view food. The technique helps them connect a feeling of like in their minds with the food you want them to eat.

For example, you can shift their liking for crisps to carrots! (But don’t worry, this is a simple way of reprogramming their thought process.) If you want to know more about the history of NLP and how it has improved the lives of thousands of people, young and old across the world, then click here.


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