How To Manage Your Child In A Crowded Place

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Life can’t stop when you have an Autistic child. It is important to you that your growing family understands the world around them and accepts that often, all they need is confidence and an ability to adapt. In these how to now kits, we know it’s important to guide these brilliant yet complex children into a world where they have no map.

In this kit, we give you the tools and the information to help you understand your child and help them through these often stressful and highly charged situations.

This is the perfect kit to try out at home and master for coping with your child in a crowded place and other areas and events where they may feel overwhelmed.


10 minutes to help with sudden sensory overload in a busy place.

Taking your children out to a crowded place like a shopping centre on a Saturday afternoon can be stressful at times anyway. In fact, some would probably think it was a bonkers idea.

Taking a child who is on the spectrum can raise a vast number of stresses in both you and them.

Loud noises, bright lights and colours, sudden changes in walking direction; these stressors are magnified 100 times over in the mind of an ASD person. As neuro-typical people have a system in the subconscious mind which automatically deletes these streams of information, the ASD child doesn’t, so being in a crowded place is rather like being in the middle of a battle. Frightening, to say the least.

It often helps us understand what it’s like to be Autistic when charities like the National Autistic Society introduce campaigns that explain what it’s like. As parents, we are dealing with a sudden panic attack from our child as as much as we might understand how the child feels, that does little to help us in this panic situation.

In this kit, we have aimed to home in on your reality. It’s a warm weekend morning and you’re in town with your child. So far so good, but suddenly there is a shout from close by or a whistle, perhaps some loud dance music coming from a boutique. Your child panics and screams. She or he even might try to run away from the sounds. You as a parent need to think fast.

You will find in this special home kit the vital tools and information to help guide you through what is suggested you do when faced with a situation like this. We offer some of our own methods for helping children in these environments, offer content about how your child is feeling and what to do next.

We aim to provide you with some simple techniques to help you smooth away any worries of a sudden panic attack of sensory overload!


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