How To Master A Meltdown in 10 Minutes

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This How To Now kit has been carefully created for parents facing Autism. In this kit will be some handy information, things to remember plus a technique that once mastered, will help you master any meltdown in ten minutes.


A parent’s guide to mastering what to do when your child has a meltdown.

We know the difference between a tantrum and a meltdown and with that in mind, we understand that helping a child who is having a meltdown can be the most worrying time for a parent.

We tend to panic when our child first experiences a meltdown. What do we do? How can we help out children? Can we attempt to stop them? These questions are usually quite hard to answer but if we approach the issue of a meltdown from a different angle, we can easily find ways to improve the situation and ensure our child stays safe.

In this kit, we provide you with some important insight to how we see meltdowns. In our research, we have often found that meltdowns are triggered by connections rather than a sudden noise, smell, word, environment.

This has been a key element when we work with families and their children using this technique we talk about in the home kit. Once we understand that the child’s brain is making a connection which triggers the meltdown, we can adjust the environment accordingly. When dealing with the actual event itself, we adopt a similar series of steps like we would do for a medical seizure. We will walk you through the steps one by one in the kit.

Once you have mastered the techniques and information we provide in the kit, although the meltdowns won’t go away, you will, however, be able to manage them calmly and through understanding so that their impact will not be so enormous to both you and your child.

There are dozens of reasons why you should master meltdowns but our favourite is that going out for family days out are more rewarding and even more adventurous as both you and your child become more confident in dealing with traits in the outside world.


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