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Fabulously Fatigued

Pondering the meaning of existence, I came across a wonderful blog today at https://fabulouslyfatigued.wordpress.com/

This darling girl who has been writing about not only how she feels but also adds some perfectly constructed info about the various friends of M.E which go hand in hand with it; sometimes a lot, sometimes not so much. It is a wealth of light, humour and warmth as well as some jolly good notible ‘content’ of much use.

Better Watch Out For The Spoonies

(Ok, so I am playing on an old Stranglers single here which was actually Skin Deep if my foggy brain serves me well..)


But it got me thinking – we are Spoonies?

I might be getting very old but this new pigeon hole certainly passed me by! Ok, so I look up the Urban Dictionary (of which I am 20 years too late to join)

So apparently, the best we can do to enhance our method of communicating our level of ill is by use of the spoon theory. In other words, we measure the day’s energy levels by the 800910204number of spoons a day or an event is… or at least, how many spoons we are prepared to pay for it!

I rather like the idea of this, you know… I shall add it to the Invisible Club data sheet…

If there is a thought for the day, in fact, any day it must be this…. don’t waste your spoons…






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