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Award Winning Marketing and Leadership Coach


Editor of the first ever digital only vintage fashion magazine, Michelle Hatcher was never shy of taking the bull by the horns and striking out into a predominately male orientated world. Reshaping the publishing industry, her determination set her on a path of being the ultimate marketing agent.

Travelling up and down the country, clocking up 1000 miles most weekends, she bravely became the voice for small businesses in the vintage industry across the UK.


In Business

She has gained with distinction 6 Diplomas in Business over the last 6 years including Advanced Marketing and PR and Business Management and Accountancy.


Awarded membership of the Association of Integrated Psychology 2016

Award membership of the Institute of Leadership and Management 2011



If leading the digital industry wasn’t enough, she found time to run the highly successful TVG Magazine weekly – the newsletter in which big events from rockabilly raves, vintage festivals and glamorous fashion shows were covered by a team of budding journalists waiting to hit the big time.

michelle hatcher media


The pioneering newsletter, without fail, ran for 5 years solid, never missing a week and clocking up in the first six months of publishing, a shocking 60,000 readers a week.

In her personal life, she remarkably took on the challenge of campaigner for a number of personal projects and charities close to her heart, the most important of all of these was Autism since her own son was diagnosed in 2011.

Taking her professional qualifications in these field, she became the U.K’s leading CBT therapist in treating Autism, chronic illnesses and depression; all three she has known, first-hand!

She also travelled to the U.S where she became one of the very few British NLP Practitioners to be trained directly under Dr Matt James at the Association of Integrative Psychology.

Being the mother of an autistic child encouraged her to fuse both British and American studies in therapy for the condition and adapted them to give the world her unique perspective on 21st Century psychology.

Michelle sits on the members board for the Maudsley And South London NHS Trust and is a campaigner for mental health awareness in the workplace.



Private Clients and Marketing Coach

2017 saw an explosion for Michelle Hatcher Media.

Taking on some of the big names in industry and commerce, she excelled in her Marketing Consultancy, now enjoying working with private clients across the UK. You can find out more about the company’s current portfolio here by clicking on Partners and Clients at the main menu.



A certified Life and Business Management Coaching, again, one of very few in the country, she has also studied and mastered for her own interest, Shamanistic Theories and Past Life Regression.

None of her professional goals have stopped her penning a large array of self-help books on everything from Asperger’s Syndrome to Autism, Communication Skills and Psychology titled ‘Cause and Effect.’

Her #1 Best Selling Amazon creation ‘HOW TO TURN YOUR CHILD’S AUTISM AROUND AND SAVE MONEY’ rocketed up the the asperger's guide to living herecharts pushing some of the leading names of Wellbeing and Self Help off the top slot in 2015.

She has written e-books and publicly spoken on national radio about her life with M.E and the strategies she used to go back to being fitter than she ever was.

A loyal and trusted marketing and PR consultant, she has worked with businesses as far away as Australia and the Far East, pushing cultural boundries and helping to support people from challenged backgrounds to build profitable businesses. From private to public sector, not job has been too scary or too challenging.

how to get your child up to speed on communication skillsIn 2018, she has joined the Schools and Educational Programme EdFirst to work with Heads of Academies and leaders of comprehensive schools in the South West of the UK to improve mindest in both students and faculty.


If you would like to get in touch personally with Michelle on her work, public speaking, Business Management and books, then please her directly on email:michelle@michellehatchermedia.com



9 Vital Brand Questions Most Businesses Don’t Bother Answering

michelle hatcher media -brandingOften, businesses tend to skip branding when it comes to their marketing strategy and usually push it to the back of the agenda because, well, they think that branding is for Cocoa Cola and no one else.

Yet, branding is an essential part of your business. Without it, expect no one to ever buy from you (unless they are related to you.)

Most businesses get caught up in the ‘sell sell sell’ mindset from the word go and perhaps don’t truly feel confident in their own identity or their own reasons for starting the business in the first place.

Whichever it is, building a brand your business is vital and, in this article, I shall tell you why…


The Nike tick

Who do you think about when you think about a strong brand?  Pepsi? Nike? Superdry, perhaps? Funny enough, as soon as someone says, for example, Cadbury’s you might not necessarily think about the rich taste of their chocolate, but I can guarantee you that the first visual you have is that deep colour purple and possibly a warm feeling inside.

That’s a strong brand. It gives you an immediate image in your mind only at the mere suggestion of the company name.

That’s why your logo or marketing visual design needs to be the creative expression of your brand (like the Nike tick.) It needs to be a consistent presence everywhere across all your marketing materials and especially social media platforms. A strong brand will only be successful when the consumer sees in their mind a clear representation coupled with an emotional connection.


A clear branding message that says it all

Branding is all about the emotional connection you have with your target market. If someone walks passed your shop and doesn’t feel the need to step in to see what you’re selling, then, you’ve left money on the table for someone else.

When a company doesn’t have a clear brand message, it is very difficult to expect new custom to buy into the business. As someone very famous once said, we buy with emotion and reason with logic later.

If your business doesn’t have a strong brand, then there is no emotional pull between you and your customer. For example, people don’t buy pizza because they want pizza, they buy it because they are hungry, and they want to satisfy that hunger, usually as fast as possible.


Why Domino’s strap line spoke to a nation

That’s why when Tom Monaghan and his brother brought what later became Dominic’s Pizza, they rocketed the sales of the failing business because they got strong on branding through the marketing message ‘delivered in 30 mins or it’s free.’ By using this message, they identified the need of the consumer – fast, hot pizza or they get it for nothing.

The fact that the pizza wasn’t the best tasting pizza in the world was kind of neither here nor there. It was that the branding and its message rang the emotional doorbell with the consumer.


In short, it is vital that your brand statement needs to do 2 things:

Address the pain of the consumer (what they suffer from) and how you are going to cure it for them (end result.)


9 essential branding questions every business needs to ask

Great branding needs to answer the following (either consciously or subconsciously) to the consumer. If they don’t they will go elsewhere to buy:

  1. Who you are
  2. Why you are doing what you’re doing
  3. What you stand for and why
  4. What your vision is and your mission
  5. What is your mission statement (think Dominio’s)?
  6. What your values are
  7. What your brand personality is
  8. What the urgency behind your business/what is it you want to change in your chosen industry.
  9. What your unique value proposition is.


Communicating the value

When you consider any communication, you want to make to your target audience, you need to be demonstrating the value of the product/service you are offering. Value is the most important thing you need to get across. It is this that will separate you from your competitors and essentially, win over your target market. Something that in more recent time, Poundworld have struggled with.


Final thoughts – forget the product

Remember, whatever it is you are selling/offering to the user, it is essential you take the actual products and services and push them to the back. The WHY always comes first. Communicate that fact effectively and you can sell them anything. The consumer doesn’t care about what it is exactly you are selling, they care about how you are going to make them FEEL after you’ve sold it to them.