The Secret Sauce To Having A Brilliant Career (In Fact, Brilliant In Every Corner Of Your Life)

Did you know that being any manager of any team or department, you need to be a brilliant marketing manager first?

You don’t see it?

Let me explain:

Marketing isn’t just for the department and it doesn’t just stop at what ever it is you are promoting to your target audience.

Marketing starts, believe it or not, with you and more importantly, how you feel about YOU.

This is what I mean…

Market yourself to yourself effectively and you can literally change your world. Regardless of your occupation, industry or niche. Whether you are an office cleaner, a builder, laying roads, tredding the boards or heading a board room. If you can market yourself to yourself, you can be anything or anyone you want to be.

So let’s go back for a second to the heading of this article today.

We’re talking about being a marketing manager but let’s turn that around for a second. Manage your marketing – managing yourself as your own marketing manager. It is all about the inside story. What you tell yourself inside is always what you get on the outside.

Ok, so now I have completely confused you, let’s take that last paragraph apart.

We already know that what’s going on, on the inside of yourself is always, always reflected on the outside. So, if your life is pretty rubbish, then I can guess that you don’t feel that great about yourself, right?

So, that gives us a chicken and egg scenario. What came first? The feeling of being inadequate and useless or are you just merely reacting to what’s going on in the outside world?

What you think about yourself is always reflected in your world

The values you have of yourself (or lack of it) comes first. Always.

Those values you have now, have been there since you were around 12 years old. That’s the age where we build our sense of self worth that sticks rigidly to for the rest of your life. It maps out your destiny.

You see, where we have been going wrong all these thousands of years is that we allow what’s going on in the outside world dictate to us how we feel, rather than the other way around. What we should be doing is rewriting the rule book in our minds on what we want the outside world to be.

Yet this is very difficult to do otherwise we would all be doing it. You see, we’re not beings that feel and then think, we are thinking beings that feel. We are led every day to act on how we feel, we should be scrapping how we feel and just doing what we KNOW we should be doing.

I will give you an example:

If you didn’t feel like doing something, you wouldn’t do it right? Yet, if you wanted to do it, you would do it, yes?

Changing the intention

What you need to do is change the intention. Your mind creates the feelings that puts your physical body into scenarios that reflect how you feel about yourself, others and the world around you.

You will always, on a subconscious level, look, no, in fact, seek out all the situations on the planet that are equal to your values. So if you have a bad job now, you will always have a bad job, because you are actively seeking out jobs that are equal to the poor image you have of yourself.

Great leaders don’t put themselves in that environment. Why? Because the conversation they are having inside sees them as the great leaders they are, or the great business owners, entrepreneurs, managers. To change it, you change the way you are marketing yourself to yourself.

And it can happen, and quicker than you think.

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Michelle is an award winning marketing, PR and leadership consultant. She is has CoE Diplomas in Marketing, PR, Business Management and Accountancy, and is a member of the Institute of Leadership and Management and The Association of Integrative Psychology.

She is a keen mountain biker and once won the 42km cross country race for ChildLine raising over £1000. She lives in Wiltshire with her family and three cats.

About Us

Award Winning Marketing and Leadership Coach


Editor of the first ever digital only vintage fashion magazine, Michelle Hatcher was never shy of taking the bull by the horns and striking out into a predominately male orientated world. Reshaping the publishing industry, her determination set her on a path of being the ultimate marketing agent.

Travelling up and down the country, clocking up 1000 miles most weekends, she bravely became the voice for small businesses in the vintage industry across the UK.


In Business

She has gained with distinction 6 Diplomas in Business over the last 6 years including Advanced Marketing and PR and Business Management and Accountancy.


Awarded membership of the Association of Integrated Psychology 2016

Award membership of the Institute of Leadership and Management 2011



If leading the digital industry wasn’t enough, she found time to run the highly successful TVG Magazine weekly – the newsletter in which big events from rockabilly raves, vintage festivals and glamorous fashion shows were covered by a team of budding journalists waiting to hit the big time.

michelle hatcher media


The pioneering newsletter, without fail, ran for 5 years solid, never missing a week and clocking up in the first six months of publishing, a shocking 60,000 readers a week.

In her personal life, she remarkably took on the challenge of campaigner for a number of personal projects and charities close to her heart, the most important of all of these was Autism since her own son was diagnosed in 2011.

Taking her professional qualifications in these field, she became the U.K’s leading CBT therapist in treating Autism, chronic illnesses and depression; all three she has known, first-hand!

She also travelled to the U.S where she became one of the very few British NLP Practitioners to be trained directly under Dr Matt James at the Association of Integrative Psychology.

Being the mother of an autistic child encouraged her to fuse both British and American studies in therapy for the condition and adapted them to give the world her unique perspective on 21st Century psychology.

Michelle sits on the members board for the Maudsley And South London NHS Trust and is a campaigner for mental health awareness in the workplace.



Private Clients and Marketing Coach

2017 saw an explosion for Michelle Hatcher Media.

Taking on some of the big names in industry and commerce, she excelled in her Marketing Consultancy, now enjoying working with private clients across the UK. You can find out more about the company’s current portfolio here by clicking on Partners and Clients at the main menu.



A certified Life and Business Management Coaching, again, one of very few in the country, she has also studied and mastered for her own interest, Shamanistic Theories and Past Life Regression.

None of her professional goals have stopped her penning a large array of self-help books on everything from Asperger’s Syndrome to Autism, Communication Skills and Psychology titled ‘Cause and Effect.’

Her #1 Best Selling Amazon creation ‘HOW TO TURN YOUR CHILD’S AUTISM AROUND AND SAVE MONEY’ rocketed up the the asperger's guide to living herecharts pushing some of the leading names of Wellbeing and Self Help off the top slot in 2015.

She has written e-books and publicly spoken on national radio about her life with M.E and the strategies she used to go back to being fitter than she ever was.

A loyal and trusted marketing and PR consultant, she has worked with businesses as far away as Australia and the Far East, pushing cultural boundries and helping to support people from challenged backgrounds to build profitable businesses. From private to public sector, not job has been too scary or too challenging.

how to get your child up to speed on communication skillsIn 2018, she has joined the Schools and Educational Programme EdFirst to work with Heads of Academies and leaders of comprehensive schools in the South West of the UK to improve mindest in both students and faculty.


If you would like to get in touch personally with Michelle on her work, public speaking, Business Management and books, then please her directly on



How My Business Went From Broke To Blooming In Just One Week | Part 1

how my business went from broek to blooming in just one weekWhen someone sees you have had a successful business for more than five years, they tend to draw their own conclusion about how you got there. People often consider the idea that you have always been successful, that from the first day you started your venture, you were bombarded with more customers you could shake a stick at and the rest, as they say, was history.

Many people have asked me how I got here. Was it by fluke? Great genes? No. A high cash injection perhaps? Hardly. Adding a few diplomas to my name or just sheer luck?

For me, none of these were ever the case. To say that the first three years being self employed was Hell would be an understatment. Working around a 60 hour week for very little to show for it was the norm. I never took a day off and even on family holidays that I could ill afford, I would still take time each day to sit down with my laptop and work on my business. I would count the new subscribers who came to my site, analyse metrics, costings, productivity, data intake and measure my results carefully, only to then analyse them again. That, for me was work. It was the path I had chosen to take and each day I was told I was useless by those around me.


Until one day.


I attended a business event in London using money I had borrowed to pay for the train ticket to get me there. Down to my last £40 in the whole world, I was desperate to the point of tears to make my business work and earn the money I needed. The pressure I had endured at home had pushed me to breaking point. I had been given the title in jest at home as the ‘the one who was self unemployed.’ People laughed at me. I knew that.

I had already made the tough decision to give up the long line of anti-depressants I had been given for no other reason other to give me logical thought back, but now things were tight. Each tax return up until now had been painful. Refusing to go to an accountant, I had done each return myself, usually taking days to do it. Why? Because my results were embarrassing. Profits were down but I refused to cave in. Despite the resounding voices around me telling me to jack it in and ‘get a proper job’ I didn’t once back down.

At the event on that hopeless day, I had walked passed a speaker’s stage where the bright young face of an American woman was giving a lecture. A large gathering of business owners had taken their seats in front of her. They say we are drawn to things by social proof and the fact that there was a crowd seemingly hanging on her every word, made me think that what she was saying must be good.

I cannot remember exactly what she said, but I was hooked. Asking the crowd in front of her to dip into their pockets and give her a mere £100 to join a very own exclusive online course, we made an orderly line in front of the stage, excited about the prospect of finding that golden goose egg that was going to set us all on the path to success (and better sleep).  She promised to help us improve our businesses with mind-blowing results.  I queued up to sign up even though I was 60 quid short. I could get the money, I thought. I might have to sell something, like my coat, but I could find it.

Little did I know that from signing that dotted line to handing over everything I had left in my bank account to this woman, that my life was about to change, and it wasn’t going to be be down to anything this girl was about to teach me. What she taught me was something more power than that.


The online course was fake. It had been a scam.


My money had been handed over and I was told that in a week, I would recieve the link to the exclusive online course which was about to teach me everything I ever needed to know about running a successful business. Nothing happened. I called her office and they told me that it would be another week and that I should wait. The second week went passed and then the third. This was in September. By Christmas that year, I fumed at her office and demanded my money back. I did get my money back a few days later. Bitter, angry and upset, I decided to get even and my brain went into overdrive.

In that same week, I picked up two very notible and high paying clients. The first two in a high net worth bracket ever. One month later, I picked up a third and then a fourth. Since then, all those years ago, I have gathered clients who, on each occasion, have been more prestigious and profitable than the last, and it’s never stopped.

My business took off in a direction I had only ever dreamed about.


So, what happened?

What on Earth changed that very week which I had struggled to do so consistently for the passed three years before and failed at?

I shall tell you exactly what happened and why it happened in the next post HERE…


Michelle Hatcher is an Accredited Business Coach (Dip) and award-winning Marketing and PR Consultant. She is also a certified CBT for Business Coach (Diploma), NLP Practitioner (AIP) Member of the Complimentary Medical Association, International Alliance of Holistic Therapists and the International Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching and a member of the Association of Integrative Psychology. She lives in Wiltshire and currently works with clients in the Financial Services industry.


Why I started Michelle Hatcher Media… 

digital marketing for beginnersI’m often asked about what it is that Michelle Hatcher Media does. Sounds like a reasonable question! 

Its an answer I trot out almost to the word… We offer courses, books and step by step guides to help people find independence and happiness in life. 

Then I stop myself… 

It’s what we do but not WHY we do it. 

Years ago I started my first business. I focused on being the voice between those in society who couldn’t speak and the agencies who controlled the environment they lived in. 


Because I knew what it was like to get ignored. 

And this is how it began… 

About twenty years ago I lived next door to drug dealers. 

I was alone, with a baby and vulnerable and an easy target for entertainment. 

I spent the next three years battling with local authorities. I was bullied night and day and the butt of every prank my neighbours put upon me for kicks. 

Myself and my baby were spat at in the streets. We put up with loud music night at day, used needles thrown over the fence into my garden. 

The worst was having human excrement pushed through my letter box. 

Young stoned men using my letter box as a urinal. I had to nail my letter box shut and have another neighbour take my mail first me. 

It was the darkest, most frightening three years of my life. 

I did eventually get them moved after a long struggle to be heard by the council and the police but little did I realise, it was not over. 

They were moved to a property a few streets away. My ordeal didn’t stop. My drugged up neighbours were out for revenge. 

Next my car and house were targeted. My car would have its windows smashed almost nightly, eventually my insurance company refused to repair my car yet again and it had to get scrapped. My house was sprayed with graffiti in the middle of the night. My front door kicked repeatedly at night. Sick and urine on my porch. 

And why? Because I was a single mother who stood up to them. 

Since then each business, venture and project I have seen through has been in favour of the silent ones. The people who lacked support from anyone. 

I have stood up for the vulnerable, the silent and the ones lacking in confidence, guidance and inspiration. 

Digital marketing for beginners and signs of Aspergers syndrome have been no different. 

These two projects have drawn me to work with some of the most incredibly talented people in the world today. We, together draw on our experiences to help the ordinary people in the world do extraordinary things in both their personal and professional lives. 

That’s what we will continue to do for ever more… 

Because we all deserve a life we can get proud of. 

Find out how we are supporting sole traders and home start up businesses in reaching bigger audiences and generating more sales:

Find out how we are transforming young Aspergers lives and encouraging careers and adventure at

Thanks for reading. 

Michelle Hatcher