How My Business Went From Broke To Blooming In Just One Week | Part 1

how my business went from broek to blooming in just one weekWhen someone sees you have had a successful business for more than five years, they tend to draw their own conclusion about how you got there. People often consider the idea that you have always been successful, that from the first day you started your venture, you were bombarded with more customers you could shake a stick at and the rest, as they say, was history.

Many people have asked me how I got here. Was it by fluke? Great genes? No. A high cash injection perhaps? Hardly. Adding a few diplomas to my name or just sheer luck?

For me, none of these were ever the case. To say that the first three years being self employed was Hell would be an understatment. Working around a 60 hour week for very little to show for it was the norm. I never took a day off and even on family holidays that I could ill afford, I would still take time each day to sit down with my laptop and work on my business. I would count the new subscribers who came to my site, analyse metrics, costings, productivity, data intake and measure my results carefully, only to then analyse them again. That, for me was work. It was the path I had chosen to take and each day I was told I was useless by those around me.


Until one day.


I attended a business event in London using money I had borrowed to pay for the train ticket to get me there. Down to my last £40 in the whole world, I was desperate to the point of tears to make my business work and earn the money I needed. The pressure I had endured at home had pushed me to breaking point. I had been given the title in jest at home as the ‘the one who was self unemployed.’ People laughed at me. I knew that.

I had already made the tough decision to give up the long line of anti-depressants I had been given for no other reason other to give me logical thought back, but now things were tight. Each tax return up until now had been painful. Refusing to go to an accountant, I had done each return myself, usually taking days to do it. Why? Because my results were embarrassing. Profits were down but I refused to cave in. Despite the resounding voices around me telling me to jack it in and ‘get a proper job’ I didn’t once back down.

At the event on that hopeless day, I had walked passed a speaker’s stage where the bright young face of an American woman was giving a lecture. A large gathering of business owners had taken their seats in front of her. They say we are drawn to things by social proof and the fact that there was a crowd seemingly hanging on her every word, made me think that what she was saying must be good.

I cannot remember exactly what she said, but I was hooked. Asking the crowd in front of her to dip into their pockets and give her a mere £100 to join a very own exclusive online course, we made an orderly line in front of the stage, excited about the prospect of finding that golden goose egg that was going to set us all on the path to success (and better sleep).  She promised to help us improve our businesses with mind-blowing results.  I queued up to sign up even though I was 60 quid short. I could get the money, I thought. I might have to sell something, like my coat, but I could find it.

Little did I know that from signing that dotted line to handing over everything I had left in my bank account to this woman, that my life was about to change, and it wasn’t going to be be down to anything this girl was about to teach me. What she taught me was something more power than that.


The online course was fake. It had been a scam.


My money had been handed over and I was told that in a week, I would recieve the link to the exclusive online course which was about to teach me everything I ever needed to know about running a successful business. Nothing happened. I called her office and they told me that it would be another week and that I should wait. The second week went passed and then the third. This was in September. By Christmas that year, I fumed at her office and demanded my money back. I did get my money back a few days later. Bitter, angry and upset, I decided to get even and my brain went into overdrive.

In that same week, I picked up two very notible and high paying clients. The first two in a high net worth bracket ever. One month later, I picked up a third and then a fourth. Since then, all those years ago, I have gathered clients who, on each occasion, have been more prestigious and profitable than the last, and it’s never stopped.

My business took off in a direction I had only ever dreamed about.


So, what happened?

What on Earth changed that very week which I had struggled to do so consistently for the passed three years before and failed at?

I shall tell you exactly what happened and why it happened in the next post HERE…


Michelle Hatcher is an Accredited Business Coach (Dip) and award-winning Marketing and PR Consultant. She is also a certified CBT for Business Coach (Diploma), NLP Practitioner (AIP) Member of the Complimentary Medical Association, International Alliance of Holistic Therapists and the International Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching and a member of the Association of Integrative Psychology. She lives in Wiltshire and currently works with clients in the Financial Services industry.


How To Change Failure Into Success In Any Area Of Your Life

Around 100 years ago, and American psychologist, Dr Joseph Murphy wrote a book called The Power of The Subconscious Mind. This book is still in publication and I urge you to buy a copy as it is probably the most important life changing book ever written.

Andrew Carnegie
Andrew Carnegie

Back in those days, brilliant minds like Andrew Carnegie (pictured), Napoleon Hill, Henry Ford and so on, started to look carefully at the people in the world who were successful, and those who weren’t.

Henry Ford might be better known for making Ford cars, but did you know he didn’t start building this global empire until he was 45 years old? Yet for much of his life, he was a deep thinker, a philanthropist and a curious questioner about life and the subconscious mind. By the time, he got into the car industry, he had already realised HOW to make a success of it. All he had to do was take his idea and bring it into reality.

He was his own psychologist and if you ever get to hear or read any of his personal development stuff, take it all in. His name I cursed a few times in my life (I am the former disgruntled owner of 3 Fiestas and an Escort) as a motorist, yet I didn’t really have an appreciation of the man until now.


But we are not here today to talk about old car manufacturers. We are here to talk about WHY we fail.


Did you know that failure is down to two simple principles? Only two. There are dozens more but these are the two that are the barriers which stop a man or woman dead in their tracks.

  • Trying too hard.
  • Lack of confidence to complete the task.

Let’s look at the first of these;

We try too hard to succeed. Anything.

We literally work ourselves OUT of winning. This is where man falls down. We are conditioned to believe from childhood that to succeed is to work as hard as you can. Literally work yourself into the ground. Yet this is the worst way to succeed. Let’s try something here: where you are sitting right now, put your hands out in from of you so you can see the palms of your hands. Now repeat after me whilst looking at them, ‘these hands will only ever earn so much money.’

the way to make money is not to work for it

Ok, so that sounds like a pretty negative affirmation for a blog that’s meant to be about personal development!

Now, put your hands on your head, comfortably and repeat this at least twice, out loud, ‘what is in my hands now can earn as much money as I ever want.’

Your mind has unlimited potential. If man only just trusted that his brilliant mind will guide him to his fortune, then we wouldn’t work so hard. A clever man once said ‘did you know that working for money is the worst way to get it?’ If we really used our subconscious mind we could have anything we liked. If you look around you right now, everything you have, you once thought about, subconsciously. If it isn’t much around you then you need to shift your thoughts from negative to positive.

Remember: everything in life (action) will always cause a reflection (reaction.) You have heard of cause and effect? Well, this is where this comes from. Every movement, emotion, action, event, thought somewhere in the world will cause an opposite reaction.

Now let’s look at the other principle: man, has a fundamental lack of confidence.

Over the tens of thousands of years that man has been toying with the world, nature and wondering if there is another life other than this one, he has been beaten every time he has tried to accomplish anything. We tend to put our failings to the talk that we hear from around us. We allow people close to us to literally talk us out of what we want to do. ‘Oh that won’t work, do something else,’ or ‘don’t be daft, you’ll never be able to do that,’ and to that we say ‘yeah, I guess you’re right.’ And on that we abandon everything we desire.

This is where our lack of confidence comes from.

Bob Proctor is another excellent businessman and mentor and has been studying psychology and personal development since the early 60’s. In his seminars, he says ‘failure is down to the conditioning of one’s own self-belief. It is never down to their potential.’ In other words, if you fail at something such as; you fail a job interview, you fail to ask that girl out on a date, you fail to win a round of golf, it is because your conditioning at that one moment failed you. Yet there is nothing in your potential that says you will fail again. Nothing.

To improve our status, we need to change our conditioning. That means jumping right outside of society and doing things differently. We aren’t taught to use our brmichelle hatcher life coachingains at school. We’re not taught to use the power of our subconscious mind to bring what we want into fruition. We think that to earn money we have to work hard. Wrong. We think that the best thing to do is have one well paid job to succeed and everything will be ok. Wrong again. To win, question everything.

Question why your parents did the things they did.

Question why you learned the lessons of life you learned as a child

Question why you have always struggled with things like money, where did your teachings of such things come from?

We are taught that we have to have a good education to do well in life. Wrong. I mentioned Bob Proctor earlier, he is a self-made multi-millionaire yet dropped out of high school at
the age of 16 and never took a qualification in his life. Earl Nightingale, the godfather of personal development grew up in tent city with his mother. They were homeless and broke. This man really knew what poverty was. Yet he too became a millionaire and was known the world over for his speeches on motivation, development and wisdom.

These men, as well as many others questioned the world we lived in.

This is what my suggestions are to you to improve your status, wealth, wellbeing and future, and THEY DO WORK..

  • Take up swimming, yoga or walking – anything that increased your heart rate yet trains your subconscious mind to focus on movement of the body while you clear your mind of negative thoughts. Do this every morning and you will function better and produce more positive results for the rest of the day.
  • Read: books – as many as you can on personal development, psychology and so on. As much as I do believe in reading modern day works, go for the literature published at the turn of the 20th Century. Napoleon Hill, Earl Nightingale, Andrew Carnegie. These men were deep thinkers, giants in business and who were questioning everything LONG before everyone else was. They were the pioneers in personal development.
  • Write a blog on your thoughts and discoveries at last 3 times a week. Build up a following and before you know it, you will have advertisers wanting to rent web space off you – wow! Where do that income come from?
  • Meditate every day and spend half an hour listening to guidance visualisation tapes on YouTube. Develop your creative imagination – the most important yet least used facet in the world today.
  • Write affirmations on your bathroom wall. Ask and you will receive, knock and the door will open unto you. Seek and ye shall find.

One last thing before I leave you to your new-found routine… don’t expect things to happen overnight, BUT DO expect things to happen.

Because they will.