Michelle Hatcher’s Extraordinary Journey




How are you managing your child’s Autism?

Extraordinary JourneyHave you been left in the dark, alone since your child’s Autism diagnosis? Have you felt the world turn against you and your child? Have the birthday party invitations dried up and no more sleep overs? Are you frightened to go out in public in fear of meltdowns and pointed fingers? Have you tried to find the right support and found only red tape and barriers?

I discovered that after 2011 when Jon was diagnosed, the world suddenly was a lonely place. With no help, an out of date support list and a school who wasn’t trained to deal with Jon’s needs, I embarked on a journey of questioning self-discovery through studying the alternative route.

Taking matters into my own hands, I steered Jon out of the dark, who was also living with PDA and Scoliosis, through the myriad of primary and secondary education to a brighter future, banging desks, demanding answers to speaking on behalf of a multitude of worried parents and lost children.

This is the story of one woman’s battle against single parenting, abuse, unemployment, chronic illness, violence against their home, negative local authorities and a system who simply could not and would not care. Join her and her family in this bittersweet story which will make you laugh and cry. It is frank, cutting and as blunt as Hell.

Michelle leaves no stone unturned and uncovers the mistakes and falls any normal family goes through when faced with Autism, but leads you into the light, travelling from their home over 100 miles away to start a new life. This true story focuses on what’s really important to you and your child’s future and forgetting the BS web parents are often spun.

So get listening. The world of Autism and parenting it is about to change.

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