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Michelle Hatcher has been causing heads to turn for the last 10 years. Starting out in her first business in digital publishing, she became Editor in Chief to the first and only digital Vintage Fashion magazine and held everyone else off the top spot for the slot for almost 3 years.

She has been listed by GQ Magazine in their TOP 100 of entrepreneurs to watch in 2016 and as up and coming TONY ROBBINS style gurus to watch in 2017.

 She is the founder of The Mentoring Hub – an exclusive online community where she personally coaches and mentors thousands of parents facing Autism each year.  It is the first of its kind for the Parent Coaching industry. It has also made her, her first £1 Million project in less than a year since its launch.

She is the author of a number of popular self-help books and psychology. She has promoted thousands of start-up businesses across Europe and the U.S through her own marketing agency.


The Mentoring Hub was bthe mentoring hub for sassy ladies who are just after their dreamsorn out of a desire to help as many parents facing Autism around the world as possible. It was Michelle’s determination and commitment to the membership community that drove this project to be the only one of it’s kind in the country.

Fed up with meaningless leads and parenting groups that stopped existing after her own son was diagnosed with Autism, she discovered that there was a shocking lack in support for parents and that it was left to each family to simply ‘get on with it.’ Michelle decided to take matters into her own hands and the Mentoring Hub was born.

Offering an exclusive £1 trial for a whole 7 days, parents are invited to come and experience a new form of coaching to the industry. Parents can access a multitude of tutorials, videos and Q&A sessions 24 hours a day.

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